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1.羅賓和坐在樹下打盹[take a nap]


3.瑪莉靠過來並在我耳邊低聲說話[lean over]


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    1.羅賓和坐在樹下打盹[take a nap]

    【Robin is taking took a nap by sitting under the tree.】


    【John walked with heavy legs and thought the speech tonight.】

    3.瑪莉靠過來並在我耳邊低聲說話[lean over]

    【Mary leaned over and whispered by my ear.】


    【She's sitting by the piano and reading a novel.】


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    Do you mean 羅賓漢 = Robin Hood ; 羅賓 = Robin

    1.羅賓漢坐在樹下打盹 [take a nap]

    Robin Hood is taking a nap under the tree.


    John drags his feet and thinks about the speech for tonight.


    John drags his feet and thinks about tonight’s speech.

    3.瑪莉靠過來並在我耳邊低聲說話 [lean over]

    Mary leans over and whispers in my ear.


    She is reading a novel by the piano.

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    # 004 錯太多了 吧 拖著腳步走 Walked with heavy legs? 沒有這種說法

    瑪莉靠過來並在我耳邊低聲說話[lean over]

    【Mary leaned over and whispered by my ear.】 Whispered by ear? 在這裡

    介詞要用 in

    想著今晚的演說 不是thought the speech tonight.

    Thought the speech tonight 是 在今晚想著演講稿 不是今晚的演說

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    你得答案 第一題也不正確

    1.Robin is taking took a nap by sitting under the tree.

    is taking took 不可並用

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    1. Robin Hood sat under the tree, taking a nap.

    2. John shuffled and thought about the speech tonight.

    3. Mary leaned over me and whispered.

    4. Satting by the piano, she reads a novel.

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    1. the robin and sits under the tree naps

    2. John tows the footsteps to walk, is thinking tonight's speech

    3. Mary depending on comes and speaks on the one hand my ear

    4. she to do in a low voice on the other hand the piano, is reading a novel

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