中翻英! 英文達人請救救我!

公司知道我在自修英文, 就拿了這段文字說要中翻英要放在網路上用的, 偏偏我還處在國中英文程度, 實在怕亂翻譯害到公司, 有請各位英文達人幫幫忙! 重點提點我也很感謝喔^^



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    Our Business of the parts to agricultural machinery mainly with electronic ignition coil, capacitor, etc., and we uphold the 『management first, marketing second, intimate service, the customer first business philosophy』, professional technology and strict quality control, with sincerity and a happy heart, service to each customer and to meet customer requirements, the creation has established a good reputation and credibility, has always been to provide a good product, professional marketing of the service, offer our customers a full-service


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    Our business terms components of by the agricultural use machinery primarily, have electron ignition coil, capacitor and so on, we grasp 'are managing first, sell the second, intimate service, the customer are supreme' the management idea, by specialty technology and rigorous quality control, with sincere and joyful heart, serves each customer with to satisfy the customer to need, the establishment has established the good oral traditions and the prestige until now, always grasps provides the good product, service of the specialized sales, takes to the customer to serve omni-directionally

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