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background song in romeo and juliet?

in leonardo dicaprio version of romeo and juliet at 1 hour 6 minutes 58 seconds in during claire danes come gentle night speech wat song is playing in the background?

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    I can't quite remember but have you checked the track listings on amazon.co.uk for the soundtrack? You can listen to a small part of each song on the album and it may jog your memory - hope you find the song you're looking for.

    Alternatively, if you know any of the words at all just type the lyrics you have straight into google and it should bring up the song for you.

    If you have a iTouch or iPhone, also try downloading the App, Shazam, and leaving it by the television whilst the movie is playing and it will pick up the track and artist for you.

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    all of the songs from the romeo and juliet soundtrack and likewise the music "dont worry the reaper" has anything stated approximately romeo and juliet in it and there's a band referred to as cleaning soap that sings a music referred to as its alot like romeo and juliet so determine the ones out

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    Obviously your talking about the song in the film when there getting married i think..

    its by Quindon Tarver and its called "when doves cry"

    It can be hard to find trust me ive tried but it is on some websites :)

    hope ive helpedd

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