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Can I wear Invisiline (the invisible braces) while I'm active duty in the Marine Corps? (0311 if it matters)?

I'm not going in with them. But I do plan on using my dental insurance to get them


No I don't think that. I was talking about using my dental care thru the Corps at the Marines dentist office. And I also said that I didn't plan on going in with them

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    Yes you can wear them, but the Marines are not going to pay for them and unless you are using your parents dental insurance under the "child" option I only know of a very few dental plans that will cover braces as an adult. Invisiline are not cheap either $2400 on up .....$6000 being the average. The only way I have seen the military pay for braces was if there was an injury that happened to the individual in the service that required it to fix( IE my friend has his jaw broken in Iraq) and they use the regular old wire ones. Invisiline is considered cosmetic and it is unlikely they will assist. ( and I am talking about the wire braces AFTER he had his jaw wired closed for several months to fix the break)

    The core would not assit you at your local dentist for your braces unless the above conditin were met and then they would want to do them at a military location. The dental plan offerd through the military would cover your children's braces, but not any for you. The entire cost would come out of your own pocket.

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    What dental insurance are you talking about? It's not like you can go to any dental office and get whatever you want.

    To answer your question...Just wait until you are in the USMC. Once there you will know what you can and can not do. Things are changing quickly these days, so what flies now may not fly later on down the road.

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    While you are at any training, NO! You will be too busy. But once at your duty station, YES! You can even take time off from work (if your commander approves it) to attend college. The military offers many on-line college options to active duty personnel from fairly well accredited schools. Even when in Iraq or Afghanistan on your time off you might be able to squeeze in some college work. You just have to make the time for it. Thank You for what you are doing and God bless!

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