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Should I just stop downloading updates for windows?

Okay I've noticed that my internet seems to go slower when I download the recommended updates for my computer. Now is it the registry files that get screwed up with too many updates and that they need to be cleared up?

Or do the updates just save on the computer?(By save I mean like when you save a downloaded file instead of clicking "run"). Also most of the updates are to keep potential attackers away from taking control of certain programs. But while the safety may go up, the overall experience and speed of the computer goes down.

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    do not stop downlouds for windows nor hp. they r done to improve your experience. if u r on dial up , theres ur problem if you have broad band { cox's } , it is totaly normal. let it up date than use it. also check to see if u need to clean ur hard disk and then defrag.

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    Yes you can stop downloading windows automatic update by switch it off

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    i dont update my computer sometimes it messes it up, and besides its not REQUIRED your computer can run fine w/o it

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