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What are your top 10 mma fights of 2009?

Mine are

10.Tim creuder vs. Nate quarry

9. Carlos condit vs Martin Kampmann

8. Toby Imada vs. Jorge masvidal

7.Scott Smith vs. Benji Radach

6.Miguel Torres vs. Takeya Mizugaki

5.Yoshihro akiyama vs. Alan Belcher

4.Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Randy Couture

3.Clay Guida vs. Diego Sanchez

2.Benson Henderson vs. Donald Cerrone


1. Gilbert Milendez vs. Josh Thomson

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    10. GSP vs BJ Penn

    9. BJ Penn vs Diego Sanchez

    8. Nate Marqhardt vs. Demian Maia

    7. GSP vs. Thiago Alves

    6. Machida vs. Shogun

    5. Matt Hamill vs. Jon Jones

    4. Cerrone vs Ratcliff

    3. Mike Brown vs Jose Aldo

    2. Hideo Tokoro vs Jong Man Kim

    1. Mizuto Hirota vs Shinya Aoki

    The order doesn't really matter, but those are 10 fights that stick out in my mind right away.

  • Regina
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    4 years ago

    1.Antonio Rodrigo Noguiera- How could you not love the guy plenty of exp, great heart, recovery power, chin, slick subs, and his ability to get subs while taking a beating. He also came from poverty, got run over by a truck as a kid, and came back as a world champion. To top it off he's a real humble guy and never talks bad about his opponents or makes excuses. 2. George St. Pierre- I've been a fan of his since the Karo fight. He's so humble for all he has accomplished and he is a destroyer with his well roundedness. 3. Fedor- Self explanitory, the guy is no. 1 p4p and best mma fighter alive. He is so humbe and his mannerisms make him the most mysterious fighters to ever live. 4. Gegard Mousasi- Biggest up and coming prospect, and is a very exciting fighter. 5. Mauricio Rua- Been a fan since his run in the 2005 Pride MW Gp. Has great heart, chin and soccer kicks. Thogut he got robbed against Machida. Really humble also. 6. Lyoto Machida- Who doesn't like Machida? Guy is like a character form street fighter. 7. Kazushi Sakuraba- If you need me to explain and you are a hard core mma fan, go kill yourself please. 8. Jorge Santiago- Has improved dramatically, and is a force now. 9. I have to do a kick boxer also =p I choose Ray Sefo since he was my favorite K-1 fighter and is now a mma guy, hope him luck. 10. Satoshi Ishii- was 2008 olympic gold medalist in Judo, hope he wins against Yoshida and becomes a force.

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    My top ten are all the same

    Dan Henderson vs. Michael Bisping

    Watching Hendo freaking rock Bispings universe was just awesome

    I might toss in Nate Marqhardt vs. Demian Maia though. Watching Nate knock Maia in the air was just ridiculous.

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    scott smith vs radish gay guida vs sanchez couture vs noguira henderson vs ceronnie melendez vs josh thompson, carrino vs silva

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