Saab 9-3 Convt. '02 driving me crazy?

My transmission light is flickering between N & D. Then it either stays in N or goes back to D. It doesn't matter if I drive it 5 miles or 50. It is at the dealer now for the third time.

They replaced the lightbulb, changed the transmission fluid and now I am waiting at home. What could be wrong with it? I am moving to the SF bay area at the end of this month and don't want to buy a $5k transmission for a car worth only slightly more than that even though it has only 64K miles.


The dealer still has it but said it was electrical, not the transmission.

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    1 decade ago
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    Your dealer is correct - what you describing is an electrical problem, not a transmissin problem. A transmission problem would have the transmission slipping, not going into gear, or not shifting - you have none of those symptoms.

    There is a short between the transmission sending unit and your dashboard display. What your dealer is most likely doing is isolating the parts between these two points, and trying to determine where the short is coming from. This is not easy to find and is very time consuming - why it is taking so long for them to find it.

    The good news is that this will not prevent the car from working correctly. The bad news it is annoying as heck to have the flickering in the dashboard display. I would give the dealer more time to find the component with a short - this is one of the worst errors to find since it does not affect the drivability of the car but is difficult to resolve.

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