What is a neutral colonist? Like from the American Revolution?

I need them described and if you know this for sure, did they like the British government?

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    A neutral colonist would have neither sided with the patriots or the british. They didn't pick sides. Quakers in the colonies were often neutral because they didn't believe in war or violence. Most didn't like the British government but some actually liked it. They just chose not to voice their opinion and chose sides.

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    Define Colonist

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    The American Revolution began as a transatlantic dispute over parliamentary authority and policy, as American colonists chafed against British measures to reconsolidate their hold over their North American empire. This difference of opinion grew into a crisis of authority when colonists expressed their opposition by rioting, burning effigies of English officials, organizing vigilante associations, and pledging boycotts of imported goods. Once they lost all faith in the righteousness and reason of the monarchy, the American Patriots rejected it outright and set forth not only to win independence but also to build a new kind of society in place of the old. From Shmoop/The American Revolution

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    You had the "Rebels" americans that did not want British rule, the "Tories" or loyalist to the crown. Then there were those who didn't think it mattered or cared which side won. Just look at our society today and you might forget we are fighting two wars.

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    they are called Canadians, and they did not mind the British government, but they would have preferred their own government, but they did not think the British were that bad they could wait however long it took to get independence peacefully

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    You have some people just like in other conflicts in history that did not want to support one side or the other, they just wanted to remain neutral and live their lives.

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