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What do you think will happen to the WWE in the next 10-20 years?

i mean it seems fine know but think about all there young popular superstars have left only one i can really think of is cena

lashley left

hardy left

and a lot of others

and if wwe doesnt start making pushes and getting these young superstars popular there dead

i mean Undertakers and michaels are gone in the nex 5 years maby

and the next 10-20 hhh will be gona and cena will be pretty close to leaving so will orton edge jericho

so dont you think WWE needs to starting getting new stars up there

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    WWE Are Starting To Get New Stars Up There.They Are Pushing These Guys Slowly But Surely,Undertaker We'll Stay Probally Til' He's 20-0.& Shawn Micheals We'll Stay Until' There's A Big Moment For Him To Go Out Such As Bret Hart Did With The Montreal Screwjob.Jeff Hardy Comes & Goes.He'll Switch Back To The WWE In A Few Years.Go Pick Up The Holiday 2009 Issue Of WWE Magazine,Everyone In That Magazine They Are Beginning To Push.Randy Orton Is The Future Of The Wrestling World.& Legacy Are Probally The Next DX In Fifteen Years.& John Cena Is Also The Future Of The Entire Sport As Well.

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    Seriously if I knew I would be giving financial advice.Think about 15 years ago.We still had the AWA on ESPN.People were just starting to leave the WWE for WCW.ECW just months before threw the NWA belt down and had their own created.The industry changed so much since then.Does TNA or any other promotion have the product to overtake the WWE?Lets face it the WWE had competition and started putting out a product that people liked.

    Now will they do the same?FCW is consistently training new people.Who knows who will be the next Austin/Rock!They may work for TNA later on.Your talking about guys we know will be gone.

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    LOL... 20 years?!?!? Who knows? But if I had to guess, I would say some dude named Stevie Showman will win the 2030 Royal Rumble and FINALLY become the number one contender and go on to face "Bad Azz" Brad Anger at WrestleMania 46 for the WWE Championship, which has since been changed to a title belt that lights up with LED lights and plays the wrestlers entrance video on it when he walks to the ring.

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    Triple H will have surpassed Ric Flairs record for 16x world title wins, and will probably be retired.

    Shawn Michaels, Undertaker will be in the HOF and long gone from wrestling.

    John Cena will be finishing up his career.

    Its hard to predict, wrestling may be out of business in 20 years.

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  • 10 years ago

    this question makes sad:(, considering that ive been watching the wwe for almost all my life!!!, but i think it would be gone!!!, i mean Like what the other people said, HHH, Shawn, Taker would be long gone, and there just wouldnt be enough superstars to make it "The Business!!!"

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    I think every maineventer will leave but Cena and Orton. Legacy, Kofi, and Morrison will get pushed huge time and Swagger will become a main eventer.

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    i do cause if you watched tna jan. 4th they showed jeff hardy came to tna ric did and hogan and eric bishop all of the wwe superstars are going to tna so bye wwe hello tna

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    10 years ago

    either back to attitude era or they will just stop airing

  • 10 years ago

    lol bye then they will be getting the next new gen started

  • 20 yrs. it probably wont be here.

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