what the hell is a "terrorist fist jab"+how can a news reporter discern terrorist intention in a hand movement?

which news stations do you know of that have newscasters who are such amazing experts on hand gestures that they can deduct that there's mindbogglingly nefarious terrorist malice in just a simple hand movement? is the "scientific" study of hand gestures deeply related to newscasting and journalism?


summer, neo and free account 35 have provided the lowest-common-denominator kind of answers i'd have seen coming from miles away....

Update 2:

try to stick to answering the actual question. define "terrorist fist jab," how one comes to recognize such terrorist hand gestures, whether a news reporter can be or is any expert on hand gestures, which news channels read terrorist intent into hand gestures. thats all. i don't rememebr a "war crimes hand gesture" analysis of bush, nor do i consider such "analysis" relevant.

Update 3:

of course i abhor violence+am no terrorist,&i get my news from cnn, bbc, sky news, reuters, c-span, associated press, among others, not comedy shows. btw it's not very likely that a terrorist would become a u.s. senator, let alone a president. those kind of ppl are/were checked very thoroughly by the govt. incl. bill clinton and g.w. bush's govt. besides, no terrorist would send 30,000 troops to kill other muslims in afghanistan, order 53 cia hits, drones+missile strikes in af-pak, doubling monetary and intel support for yemen to fight terrorist extremists in the arabian penninsula. that just doesnt make sense, that a terrorist would do such things - no terrorist would willingly cause other, fellow terrorists to die on such a scale. and i think mrs. obama looks nice.

Update 4:

btw the new yorker caricature is an image of obama doing a fist jab or "pound" DRESSED as a terrorist, however, the fist jab is used by NON-TERRORIST baseball players and NON-TERRORIST white suburban hiphop fans alike, among other ppl who are NON-TERRORIST minorities that are into the hiphop subculture. and btw it is NOT a "news-based fact" that hiphop is a "terrorist subculture."

so can someone prove that nbc, cbs, abc ever "analyzed" bush to make a "war-crimes HANDSHAKE," or ever read into newt gingrich making an "alarmist-defeatist SNEEZE gesture," or ever interpreted huckabee to "SCRATCH HIS EAR in a fascist way"?

did cnn, c-span, bbc, sky news, agence france-presse, associated press, reuters ever analyze a "shifty, unprogressive lowest-common-denominator COUGH done in secret bible-thumpers' code" made by sarah palin or john mccain, or a "marxist, nazi SHIFTING IN THE POSITION OF THE SHOULDERS" by nancy pelosi? i'd think that news stations OTHER than fox would find it SILLY!

Update 5:

btw ron pauls' fugliness, or the fugliness of any females in his family, bears little importance in my forming an opinion on him. and sarah palin's not that fuggin' goodlooking, but at least ron paul was smart enough not to choose a dingbat like her as a running-mate. (who knows, though, he may well try to pick a dumb attractive young running-mate at some point in the future, wouldnt be surprised if he did)

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    Get over it. You libtards never quit crying about fox news. It's honestly a bit irritating and hypocritical when libs get their news from the daily show and Colbert report.

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    You're a terrorist for asking this.

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