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J. asked in SportsHockey · 1 decade ago

If NHL players weren't allowed in the Olympics, who would go? Would it be basically the same guys as world jrs?

Or are the world jrs that play in the CHL considered pros as well. Would the cutoff simply be if you're in the NHL you can't play or would it include the KHL and other European leagues? (This is assuming that it is the rule of the Olympics to not allow pros rather than an NHL rule that doesn't allow their players to go)


I guess south side couldn't afford a tv to watch the world jrs the last 5 years.

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    A few truths:

    Every team sport in the Olympics uses professionals.

    The two summer sports added for the 2016 programme were added based on the professional bodies agreeing to create a participation window and send their professionals (The PGA Tour and the European Tour agreed to create a window for golf, and the IRB and its member nations strongly lobbied for and agreed to release players for a sevens tournament). It's a reason why baseball got bounced off the programme (because MLB wouldn't release players).

    The old Soviet Union teams...those were professionals in every sense of the word but hiding under this sham of being amateurs.

    The IOC wants "the best" at its program, and no offence, that means the NHL. Getting the best draws attention which boosts rights fees; this canard about amateurism died a long time ago. Whether its boot money, per diem, the magic envelope, sham jobs, payola...whatever...have a damn funeral for it for all I care but let it go. The Olympics are about one thing...money. Think about 1992...the "Dream Team" in the summer games...don't think for a second the IOC didn't make a few bucks on that deal.

    Football (or soccer)...has a model I keep saying would work- turn the Olympic tournament into an age group tournament. Football uses a U-23 tournament (with professionals), and each country gets 3 overage exemptions. You could modify it if needed.

    The NHL players want to participate, and their clubs want some form of dispensation/insurance against injury and don't want to foot the bill. Seems like there needs to be some form of shared liability among the NHLPA, the league, and the federations. Of course the league doesn't even have a transfer agreement with the big European countries, so see how that's going.

    You have Great Britain needing a small army of participation slips from FIFA, the IOC, and the individual nations of Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland so they can enter a football team without fear of losing precious influence (and votes) within FIFA (talk about a s**tfight) in 2012 (because Great Britain competes as a unified team in the Olympic but individually in football they've never entered the Olympic tournament)...makes the "why doesn't (insert name of location) have their own Olympic hockey team" seem even more silly.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well the young guys do have olympics the Jr.s is a big deal and plus if they're good enough they will make it to the Main Olympics, also all Canadian, and American players are all in the NHL, but other teams like Russia and Slovakia etc. have players not only from NHL but other organizations as well.

    God Speed Browski

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Prior to 98 it was made up of amateur athletes. None of the pro players were allowed in. Most teams went with the younger guys.

    edit: for the guy above. You don't have to like our beer, but Vancouver is not really that close to Cali, and besides, the weed in Vancouver is good stuff.

    I still have some work to do, then I'll get stoned. I'll probably have to get stoned to be in a state so your "point" makes sense to me.

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  • Scott
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    1 decade ago

    that is the way it should be ....not professional players then the young players would get the chance for the olympics

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes and if that were the case the USA would win in Vancouver this year as well as the Jrs.

    USA, USA, USA!!!!!!!!!

    I feel bad for the world going to Canada and having to drink all the crappy beer they make. It's close enough to drive to Cali and get some Stone though.

    Guy below - Just making a point and yes all the beer sucks. Now go get high stoner.

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