Avatar pic trouble..Please help?

Okay, I'm aware that not many people know about GIMP and graphics or whatever but I need help. I am trying to make a profile pic for IMVU and I want to make the ones that looks like they have been air brushed and stuff. The problem is, when I take a screen shot..it takes a pic of my computer instead of my avatar. How do I get it to take a picture of my avatar instead?

Please don't answer this question if you have no idea about GIMP,avatars, or IMVU. Don't waste my time and don't waste yours.

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    You are taking a screen shot with the Prt Scr and that will never allow you to control the area of the screen you want in a screen shot.

    Screen Capture:

    DO NOT use PrtScr unless you don't have a good screen capture program. Takes only the current browser window when you do it that way. Then you have to crop the image later if you need just a small section of the image.

    Use the following free software that allows you to select the area for a screen capture and/or whether you need to auto-scroll for a capture of a window that is too long.

    Last free version of FastStone Capture 5.3 (1.2 MB) - http://www.oldapps.com/fast_stone_capture.php

    Comes with its own built in Graphics Editor. Has many other shortcut keyboard options. The best feature is the auto-scroll on the web pages that has a scroll bar. This programs will auto-scroll and capture entire page!


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