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Is New Mexico part of Mexico?

Does New Mexico belong to Mexico? Or does Mexico belong to America???? I don't get it??? I can't find consistent answers?? PLEASE HELP MEEEEE

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    New Mexico is a so-called state (sub-entity) of the United States of America (USA). Other states of the USA are for example: Virginia, California, Florida, New York, Texas, ...

    Mexico is a sovereign state ("country" or "nation") independent of the USA. Mexico City is the capital of Mexico.

    America is a super-continent. Mexico and most of the USA are located North America. Other sovereign states in North America are for example Canada, Honduras, Guatemala, ...

    In South America there is for example Brasil, and Argentine.

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    New Mexico used to be a part of Mexico, however, New Mexico is one of the 50 states in the USA. Mexico is another country in North America, like Canada, and the United States.

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    New Mexico is part of the United States of America. Mexico does not belong to the USA.

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    No, New Mexico is part of the United States of America. Although in around 1850 New Mexico was bought from the State of Mexico (the country) for approximately 10,000,000 US dollars (it would have been A LOT more if bought today). It was then passed by Congress to become the 47th state of America a few years later. Although in summary no, New Mexico is NOT part of Mexico

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    New Mexico is a state of the United States of America, the United Mexican States, or Mexico, is an independant country.

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    New Mexico is a state in the United States between Arizona to the west and Texas to the east of it. Mexico is an independent country south of the United States.

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    For one thing Mexico is a country, just as The United States is a country.

    America has 50 states, 48 contiguously. The District of Columbia is simply that a District (there is a long history). There are also Territories such as Puerto Rico.

    New Mexico is a State within the 48 contiguous States.

    Countries like Canada, designate boundaries as Provinces and Territories.

    Australia uses States the same way as America does, and also has Territories.

    Then we have Mexico which has the official name of 'The United Mexican States'. These are a federation of thirty-one free and sovereign states (sometimes referred to as Federative States), like 'Baja' or the 'Yucatan'.

    There is a city in Southern California known as Baja, California. It's names does not mean that it is part of Mexico, nor does the naming of the Sovereign State of Baja, Mexico, mean that it is part of California.

    To properly understand how the names originated you would need to study the etymology of each name. There is a story to be told with each.

    Finally, I will add that common place names, such as London, in England, also have other places named the same way. There is a London in Australia, this city is found in the State of Queensland. There also are at least 10 London's in the United States, including London, Texas and London, California, there even is a 'New London' in the State of Wisconsin.

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    No New Mexico is a part of America and does not belong to Mexico

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    New Mexico is one of the 50 states in the US, Mexico is an entirely different country than the US. So No they are not part of one another.

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    Yes they were. The fact is that Mexico was under Spain's rule when the native population was forced into slavery and killed off by diseases brought here by the Spaniards. When Mexico won her independence from Spain, the states you asked about also gained independence from Spain, but as the United States started growing and spreading West, they took over Texas where the Mexicans were killed off, (Remeber the Alamo) but in California the Mexicans didn't fight back. They were taking a siesta when the Great States took over, although there was the Battle of Tijuana when they finally realized they'd better fight back or risk losing their entire nation. Mexico won the Battle of Tijuana and that's why Tijuana is part of Mexico today but not San Diego. .

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