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Last night's hockey game USA vs Canada, hear me out?

Did anybody find it a bit disrespectful when the Canadian fans started singing O Canada while the medals were handed out? I'm Canadian and was even a bit ashamed with that move. Most Canadian hockey fans know that the tradition is that the winning team's anthem is played/sung after the gold medal win, yet they sung anyway.

Why not just let the USA have their moment? I understand they were likely just showing that they were behind their boys 100% after they won the Silver, but sometimes it's better just to show appreciation and let them have their moment as winners of the gold.

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    I think more is being made out of this than is warranted. As an American fan, I didn't make much of it when it happened, and I don't think the American players did either when they were receiving their gold medals. No disrespect was ever intended. Compare this to, say, Kanye West's ego-feeding, thunder-stealing antics, and you'll see that this isn't such a big deal.

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    As a American I didn't have a problem with that. I can see how someone would maybe take offense to that and see that as rude but I didn't really see it that way.... and even if the crowd meant to be rude (I think some meant to be disrespectful but think most just joined in crowd unity). I doubt that they could take away anything from the gold medal winners... that gold on the neck is much more powerful than a crowd.

    I wouldn't feel embarrassed by the crowd... I think it probably meant a lot to the Canadian players who probably felt very disappointed. I doubt that the American players noticed it that much... they were too high from their achievement.

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    I was dissapointed that I didn't hear O Canada yesterday night ... but I guess the fans were dissapointed & felt that they had to sing our national anthem .. That was unnecessary of them , but I agree with you 101% , Everyone understands that coming into the tournament to win the Gold Medal again is very pressuring , but we have to accept that the American's won & just give them the respect they deserve . You don't see Swedish fans last year singing their anthem , But yeah that was embarassing of us Canadians ... We have to learn to give the same respect as the other teams over the past years did when we won the Gold ...The Canadian fans present prolly didn't mean any disrespect but just showing their support & patriotic for our team & Canada .

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    Well, as I do when this kind of question arises because of the actions of people who are there to put their ignorance on display, I'll tell you that I don't lump all fans of a team or country together.

    For example:

    Back when I was put to task for explaining why I could no longer support a franchise that blames the NHL for its Stanley Cup futility, I made the comment "I'm too smart to be a (team name) fan."

    I mentioned the team nickname, didn't call anyone out by name, and gave those fans who come to this site the benefit of doubt - expecting them to realize that I have enough respect for them to figure out for themselves that I meant a particular part of the fandom that doesn't care about Stanley Cups.

    Nobody had a problem with it until some clown volunteered for the accusation and tried to wend all sorts of magical ideas to explain why they have acted so poorly. This person tried to pull others into it while using this site for everything but questions and answers. It became their personal blogosphere and here I suddenly was - an invader.

    The point here is that not a single person or a group of persons put the label on the entire group of fans as far as I'm concerned. They think they represent their team but their actions speak otherwise.

    There are Canadians whom I've known since the seventies that are close friends. There is mutual respect amongst us despite our convictions and allegiances. Although things became heated at times, we've remained friends because we didn't blame one another for our faults.

    You'll know who they are - the first ones to tell others how to act.

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    I'm a Canadian and I couldn't agree with you more. I am very against Canadian hockey as they have become the most arrogant thing I have known. They just lack class completely and this is the case with a great deal of Canadian hockey supporters.

    However, this is also representative of the class that people in Saskatchewan have. Their football fans go to games in other cities and pick fights with people who do nothing to them. For anyone who watches Canadian football, here in calgary when the Stampeders score a touchdown a woman rides a horse down the sidlines and the Sask. people find it necessary to throw beer, food, and other objects at her and the horse. So maybe I'm wrong, maybe it's not the class of Canadian hockey fans, maybe it's the class of Saskatchewan people.

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    I'm with Scott. Show respect for the winning team and THEN show your love for you own team.

  • I think you are trying to make an issue out of nothing. I heard the anthem being played, as didn't millions of others around the world. wasn't Afganistan (Canada has troops there) it was Iraq....and if I'm wrong I am sorry...but it doesn't seem to be #1 on the hit parade in the USA at the moment. I recall the Canadian anthem being booed when we refused to take part in the "war" in Iraq. By the way...did George Jr. ever find those WMD??

  • File under "mountain out of a molehill".

    They didn't boo the American team, they simply wanted to honour Canada.

    BTW...I should apologise over last night. Down 5-3, I went for broke and opened my stash of cigarettes (first one I've had in a few years) and went outside for a smoke with just over four minutes to go. Came back tied. AND I DIDN'T GO FOR A SMOKE DURING OT! Sorry about that...not that you're asking but three year old cigarettes are more than a bit stale.

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    it was disrespectful to sing while a National Anthem is being played......alot of you are saying they didn`t boo.....that has nothing to do with it.....wanna sing your anthem do it after the other one is over

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    its funny, I remember when the US went to war in Afghanistan and what not a few years ago they booed the US anthems in the Canadian cities. but the US did nothing but cheer as usual when the Canadians sang their anthems here, at least that's what I experienced in HSBC.

    I actually missed the ceremony, but that sounds disgusting. I realize that was pretty much a home game for them crowd wise, but there's no reason to do that.

    congrats to Canada and the people who attended the game, second place, the first losers.

    Edit to Dale. You can shove this in your fountain of misinformation

    I hate to argue politics over a hockey related question but, do you guys really think there were never troops in Afghanistan? my buddy might get deployed to Afghanistan, that's not misinformation. hearing the US flag get booed in Canadian cities on the national news isn't misinformation.

    EDIT - I can understand why they did it too. they have so much pride in their hockey and they didnt think they would win, they EXPECTED them to. that would be like having a football touranament and having the US lose to canada. as embarassing as that would be, I still dont think we would sing over the other country's celebration

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