why i can't open my e-mail?but i can open it at another pc.?


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Yahoo has been fiddling with their security and settings for some time now... Thousands are on this site becrying Yahoos arrogance at not sorting out the email problem simply by reverting BACK TO WHERE THEY WERE 6 MONTHS AGO.... Classic example of this and to verify the above statement is that if you were to upgrade to IE8 the problem is solved and you can surf your emails no problem... IE8 has built in settings to overcome Yahoos shortcomings...

    However as IE8 is such a crappy browser I reverted back to IE6 within one week after suffering crash after crash from such an unstable browser. I have accidentally stumbled onto a back door remedy and you can try the following... it works..

    I suggest you Copy this and print it... because it does work.. and is the first and only real solution to your locked Mail Box problem...

    Remember you must do each step in sequence without deviation otherwise you will again become locked out and you will have to Ctl.. Alt.. Del to restart Yahoo..and start all over.

    OK here we go..

    You must start on the yahoo homepage... find the header and install Yahoo Toolbar if you have not already.. Then close your Browser.

    Reopen your Browser and you should see Yahoo Toolbar.. if you cannot... go to Views .. Toolbars and select Yahoo Toolbar... On the Yahoo Toolbar you will find either "My Yahoo" or you will see a Purple Circle containing the letters "My". Click on the small black arrow right side of this circle and a drop down will show some choices... select My Yahoo.

    A new page will appear and NB .. do NOT sign in at the usual place... somewhere above the normal sign in area you should see a message in a yellow Block from Yahoo asking you to sign in to save your changes or you may lose them...Its usually in a yellow banner... THATS WHERE YOU SIGN IN WHERE INDICATED. Also NB Do not be tempted to select the header "Preview Mail".. not yet anyhow.

    After you sign in as I have directed.. that same page will then reappear and then you can select the first Previw of the list of your emails. You can then carefully surf your way through all of your emails... Warning... Never select the Back Arrow or FWD Arrow as this will kill it all and you will have to start again..just open your emails.. read them.. and reply etc ..

    Good Luck.. please persevere and you will win as there is always an answer......

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    This has been happening for some time now, Yahoo are working on it they say but for now try this.Recommended fixes for the many current problems include Update Adobe Flash Player Internet Explorer and Java script . Clear Explorer cache, cookies, and browsing history. Some find that a return to classic mail improves things. You could also try an alternative browser. Hope this helps

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