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agree to 和 agree with 有咩唔同?

1. 我想知 agree to 和 agree with 有咩唔同?

2. agree to 和 agree with 的用法?

3. agree to 和 agree with 的分別?

4. 幾時用 agree to ; 幾時用 agree with ?

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    agree一般當不及物動詞,因此之後必須加介係詞(如以上的with、 to)纔能接受詞‧一般情況下

    agree with +人 ,如 I agree with you .(you 是指人)

    agree to +事 , 如 I agree to your plan .

    I agree to your opinion .(your plan,your opinion等是指事)

    agree with sb(人) on sth(事)

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    agree to


    agree with


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    agree with: agree是不及物動詞,所以適用於agree with 人,觀點...

    ex. I agree with her point of view.

    agree to: agree是及物動詞,所以會說 agree to 動詞ing

    ex. I agree to taking her into the team.

    所以在這個狀況下I agree with you.是對的


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