a. What¡¦s your salutary expectation?

b. How aggressive you are in learning new profession?

c. How do you deal with a boss who is not a very patient person?

d. How do you treat working pressure?

e. What would be the reasons when you decide to leave a company? If you are hired to join on board, trained, you would become an asset to our company, we would care your stability to stay with us.


第一段原文是a. What¡¦s your salutary expectation?

Update 2:

我可在請教嗎?信中提到hi there其中指的there是什麼意思


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    (a)前面的問題我看不懂,是不是有打錯? 後面那句是問你薪資要求多少? 如果你的薪資要求是NTD20000, 你可回他 :

    My salary expectation is : NTD.20,000, 金額用數字以此推論: NTD. .........

    (b)他是問你對學習新事務的意願. 你可回答 :

    I am very keen in learning new challenge. If needed, I can attend classes.

    (我非常樂意接受新的挑戰, 如果有需要我也可去上課來充實自己)


    I will just listen to him and try to work with him in order to meet his requirement.



    I will discuss with my colleague when I meet problems, if we cannot solve the

    problems, I will discuss my leader about it. After work, I will do excerise and

    listen to music, etc.

    (我會和同事商討問題所在, 再無法解決我會請教上司. 下班後我會做運動和廳


    (e) If I being hired to join in your company and be trained, I will off course

    stay in this company for long time. My reasons for leaving the company,

    is because I feel that I cannot meet your requirement.

    (如果我被錄取, 我當然希望能常久在一家公司工作. 若是離開公司的可能原因


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