How to say "im sorry i love you" in korean. romanized please.?

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    There is a Korean drama by that title, and it is listed as

    미안하다, 사랑한다

    which is romanized as Mianhada, saranghanda.

    The person who listed saranghabnida didn't romanize correctly, it should be saranghamnida, because the b changes to a m when it is next to a n like that.

    The way I would translate it is mianhae, saranghae. Or if you're being very polite, mianhamnida, saranghaeyo (or saranghamnida).

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    ?? ?? ?? ??? ???? ?? ???? ??? ???? ?? ????? Gomen Nihongo Woe Hanaseranai Node Amerikajin Desue Uh, do not say reason i'm from u . s . a .. They already think of that foreigner's have inferior brains and that they are in a position to't understand eastern (this is actual seem up nihonjinron) so merely say you do not talk eastern. Sumimasen, wakarimasen. elementary- Sorry, i don't comprehend. Soo-mee-mah-seng, wah-kah-ree-mah-seng. I placed ng reason the n is rather nasal. the R is a mix between an R and L, like the spanish L, merely not rather rolled. Nihongo ga wakarimasen - i don't comprehend eastern. Nee-hohng-goh ga wakarimasen Nihongo ga hanashimasen. i don't talk eastern. Nihongo ga hah-nah-shmaseng. The I in hanashimasen won't be stated Nihongo ga dekimasen. Nihongo ga deh-kee-masen. actually "i don't do eastern" even with the undeniable fact that this is used regularly and potential an identical ingredient as "I dno't talk eastern". Eigo ga wakarimasu/hanashimasu ka? Do you recognize/talk english? Eh-ee-go gah wakarimass/hanashimass kah? The u on the tip of Masu is silent. Edit: hello the guy decrease than me copied me!!!!

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    Saranghae, Saranghaeyo, Saranghabnida, they all have the same meaning, but a slight different feeling from a one who accepts them. For a example, in the first, Saranghae mostly used between two lovers, or parents say to their children. Saranghaeyo is a general form for I love you in Korean. And Saranghabnida is the modest form for I love you. If you are youth, I recommend that you use the first.

    and i am sorry ( Mianhamnida. )

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    Mi-an-hey, sa-rang-hey

    Or: Mian hae, sarang hae.


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    it's pretty hard to pronounce, i can't even say it myself! but it's like this:

    mesinjeo mian haeyo dangsin-eul salang

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