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How did the united states extend its northern and southern boundries?

Chap 10. section 3 War and expansion in the united states:

I forgot my book and cant find this answer anywhere!!!!

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    The United States gained a lot of land from Great Britain when the treaty was signed after the end of the Revolutionary War. This guaranteed them land from Georgia (South) to New England (North) till the Appalachian Mountains (West).

    Westward Expansion: The United States expanded westward after the Louisiana Purchase, made from Napoleon. The rest of the land was acquired after paying the Mexican government $15 million, after the war. Included the likes of Nebraska and California. It did NOT include Texas. Texas joined the confederation in 1845.

    South: Most of the Southern territory was acquired through the expense of Spanish. Most were made under President Andrew Jackson (then Commander). Florida was one of them.

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