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Surprisingly blunt language from Obama. Is Panetta out?

Obama says bomb attempt an intelligence "screw-up"

"The attempted Christmas Day bombing of a U.S. airliner was a potentially disastrous "screw up" by the intelligence community, President Barack Obama said on Tuesday as he vowed urgent action to tighten air security."

Look like Panetta is getting an invitation to climb under the bus.

I hope I can count on the Y!A community to inform the president that he is mistaken about the seriousness of the attack. They have been saying consistently that the incident was not an attack because nobody died.

I'm sure Obama will issue a correction.

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    Panetta is an idiot. He picks his nose all day.

  • Could be, I've heard Panetta talk about terrorism. Napolitano is the idiot spewing the 'man caused disaster' nonsense. Nice how 0bowma talks about not tolerating finger pointing in the same breath he blames the intelligence community.

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    Panetta is one of the few grown ups in this administration. He has personal dignity. I expect him to be resigning soon.

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    leave it to that community organizer to get rid of the best of his people while leaving that worm Janet in charge of homeland security. She screwed up, not Leon.

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