naming chemical compounds?

we are doing this packet on naming chemical compounds but i am so confused. I was wondering if somebody could do the one below as the examples and explain it to me. There are two types.

first type:

Chromium(3) Chloride

second type:


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    CrCl3 The chromium atom has a +3 charge and chloride has a -1 charge so to balance out the charge you need 3 chloride ions.

    Aluminum Sulfate - This is all you need since there is only 1 ion for aluminum and for SO4 so any person can figure out the formula using this name.

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    According to the amount of certain type of chemical in the chemical and this is the rule for naming chemical compound

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    the Cr is 3+ (we know this from the 3 in parenthesis) and chloride is a -1

    aluminum sulfate.

    SO4^2- is sufate, a polyatomic ion. Al is 3+ and it is never any other charge.

    Here are some tutorials and videos:

    Tell your friends and your teacher. Thanks.

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