Hey! What are THESE TWO songs from SHARK TALE? The movie?

Hey Guys!

You know the part in shark tale,Where Angie and Oscar are talking in the back of Oscar's new 'crib',And he gives her the pearl necklace..And then Lola comes and takes Oscar away to talk to him,There's a soft song playig in the background of that part,It's talking about being in love,Or something..What song is that? Who sings it? When was it made?

Now,There's also another part,I don't know if this is the same song..But,It's the part,Where Angie sees Oscar kissing Lola on tv,After he 'slays' lenny the shark. And Angie,Oscar,and Lenny are in the hideout shed,And Angie tells Oscar off,And says she's tired of him being a fake,Then Oscar leaves,And swims around town,And sees himself everywhere..What's that song as well? I know it goes:"One shot to your heart,Without breaking your skin.." Then it goes on. What song is that? Who sings it? When was it made?


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    Check out these... They were all in the movie

    1. Three Little Birds - Sean Paul

    2. Car Wash (Shark Tale Mix) - Christina Aguilera

    3. Good Foot - Justin Timberlake

    4. Secret Love - Jojo

    5. Lies & Rumors - D12

    6. Got To Be Real - Mary J. Blige

    7. Can't Wait - Avant

    8. Gold Digger - Ludacris

    9. Get It Together - india.arie

    10. We Went As Far As We Felt Like Going - The Pussycat Dolls

    11. Digits - Fan 3

    12. Sweet Kind Of Life - Cheryl Lynn

    13. Some Of My Best Friends Are Sharks - Hans Zimmer

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    Oscar Shark Tale

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    The School of Rock: Roadrunner by Modern Lovers, Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin, Touch Me by The Doors. The Runaways; Lady Grinning Soul by David Bowie. Mr Deeds: Space Oddity BQ: Tears for Fears, The Raconteurs. BQ2: Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Jimi Hendrix. BQ3: Mostly 70s..

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    Im pretty sure one of those songs is by India Arie..its called Get It Together

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    I'm in love & the last one I don't know

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