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Compare by war of investigation the abilities of different indigestion remedies 2 neutrilise excess stomach?

The question is not finished.I didn't have enough room to type the whole question in.There should be acid written at the very end after stomach.

This is an experiment for my JC exams(Junior Certificate)my state exams.The state gives us 3 experiments and we have to do 2 out of that.They are Biology,chemistry and physics.We only have 3 months to solve them.Please don't think i am cheating because i am certainly not.Our teachers told us that they can't help us but we can get help by other people and the internet.I made a lot of searches but didn't help at all.I am asking if anybody can help me plez!! thx:)

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    Compare By Way Of Investigation*

    To do this, first You need to find out what causes the stomach to bulge. Secondly, find counter-acting remedies that will be helpful.

    Good Luck!

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    compare war investigation abilities indigestion remedies 2 neutrilise excess stomach

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