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Got to know--Did anyone else fall for Patrick Swayze in "North and South" and "Dirty...?


Did anyone else "fall "for Patrick Swayze in "North and South" and "Dirty Dancing"?

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    I really loved the miniseries "North and South", Patrick Swayze played such a romantic character, but I think "Dirty Dancing" is the very first movie I saw him in and I just loved it. I also liked Jennifer Grey, although I was a bit jealous of her. They just made such a cute couple. The movie was so corny, when you really think about it, but never mind that, it was just one of those phenomenal movies that you want to watch again and again. Still do love it. Watch it once in a while. Own the movie on VCR. Need to buy the new version on DVD.

    Do I sound a bit obsessed?

    Of course, from there, I HAD to see everything he made. Including some from before Dirty Dancing, like "Red Dawn" and "Grandview, USA".

    I also loved some of his funnier characters, like Vida Boheme in "To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar". And if you haven't seen it, you really must see "Keeping Mum". It is absolutely hilarious. It took me about half of the movie to realize that serious, unfunny Reverend Walter Goodfellow is actually Mr. Bean: he was so out of character. And so is Patrick Swayze, in a completely new light.

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    I didn't watch "North and South" but lordy, lordy, I'll watch "Dirty Dancing" any time it shows up on television. And, of course, I saw it in the theatre. And it's not just because he's so incredibly well-built. I loved how he drew Baby out of herself and become comfortable with moving like a woman. Sigh...

  • "Dirty Dancing" definitely; "North & South" not so much.

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    Hell Yea!! He's SEXY in Dirty Dancing!!

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