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Where are they now ?

Does anyone have any information on if and where the following divas are wrestling, or what they are doing now?

Angelina Love and Krissy Vaine.


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    Since being released, Angelina has wrestled in WSU, an all female wrestling promotion. Her biggest match so far was against Mercedes Martinez (c), for the WSU Championship but Mercedes retained. But online reports are saying that Angelina might be returning to TNA sometime in 2010 and replacing Lacey Von Erich as Lacey has failed to be a successful replacement.

    As for Krissy Vaine, she has returned to independant wrestling promotions after taking a Year Off, and is in the tag-team 'Team Blondage 2.0' with Amber O'Neal. She's also a blogger for the women's wrestling site,

    Source(s): - Wikipedia and My Memory (:
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