A pit bull owners advice?

O.k. I am from the horse section and had a question and hoping to get true honest answers from pit bull owners and not get nasty replies. O.k. my baby sister who is 18 has a pitbull that has in the past month gotten more violent with my mothers livestock, has killed one chicken this past month and a couple days ago has killed the last of the three chickens left. Now today mom got ahold of me and was upset (we live on the other side of the states from eachother, and I guess the pitbull snapped and ripped a hole in her lil dogs throat all the way to the bone, where she had the vet just put the lil dog down. I don't know the whole situation but i recommed my mom to put the pitbull down, because he is displaying very aggressive behavior and usally pits are not that way unless they are taught that , and my concern was for if he is doing that to livestock and dogs whose to say he won't attack a person next? What is your opion on this? I would like educated pit bulls owners feedback , for this is a serious issue , and want to see what I can suggest to my mother . thank you


Thank you < i agree that it is unusal unless they are taught to be aggressive like that , That is why I suggested to my mother that she put him down, because I would eb worried about wht he is to do next and wouldn't want to be a danger to the society. Thank you

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Thank you Rouge, I wanted different views.

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~ Wow never expected so many good answers~ Thank you

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    American Pit Bull Terriers are often dog/animal aggressive.They are also known to have very high prey drive.As the name states,they are in fact terriers and they act like terriers.The behavior is caused by a normal genetic disposition as animal first and breed/group second.Animal aggression is normal.It can be managed but likely will never be completely eliminated.

    Animal aggression and human aggression are independent of each other and animal aggression does NOT lead to human aggression.Human aggression is not accepted and should never be tolerated from this breed.

    The dog needs some serious obedience work before it can be let off lead around other animals.Even after training the dog may not be safe around other animals,it's just a fact with this breed.

    These are some links to breed forums and some other sites that can provide ideas for training,reasons for behaviors etc.




    The breed is very high energy and needs an outlet.The more exercise the dog gets,the easier it will be to handle.Mental exercise is just as important as physical exercise.

    I don't think the reasons stated are enough to have the dog put down.However if your sister doesn't work with the dog or your mother wants the dog out it's an option as the dog should not be placed with someone who doesn't have breed specific knowledge.

    Source(s): APBT owner
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  • Leanne
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    4 years ago

    Listen, I am not an experienced pit bull owner, but I do know one thing: you cannot let an innocent dog be murdered just because he hasn't found a home yet. If he is a sweet dog, get him. Just let your heart decide. And if you really can't keep him, you always have the option to get him, then put fliers up to give him away. That way, he actually has a chance. Just listen to you heart, but also do the logical thing. Four dogs is a lot to take care of, but if you have enough money and space to take him in, why don't you? The way you talk about him, he must be a sweet and loving dog. And by the way, FYI, not all pit bulls are aggressive. That is a lie. So just listen to you mind and your heart, and you can be certain you will make the right choice.

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  • 1 decade ago

    A pitbull is a terrier, and terriers, by nature, go after small animals. That is what they were bred to do, most of the rodents and such.

    It is true that pitbulls are not human aggressive--just because a dog goes after animals does not mean it will go after a human.

    This dog can be taught to become a good dog again. But it must be done quickly and with complete commitment. The dog is doing what it thinks it is supposed to do--go after small animals, it was bred to do that.

    Think of it this way--the dog is not "being aggressive" he is "working". Dogs need a job. They love having a job. Especiallly pitbulls who are very loyal and extrememly eager to please. His energy needs to be redirected into something else. He needs another job. He needs to realize that killing chickens is not his job and does not make his owner happy--there is something else that does. Agility, running, jumping, learning tricks, anything other than livestock.

    I am very sorry about the loss of the livestock and the dog--what a horrible thing. But if they love this dog, they can turn him around. Some of Michael Vick's trained fighting dogs are now kind, gentle therapy dogs. It can happen.

    While he is being trained, do not let him anywhere around the livestock for a while--pitbulls are strong, make sure leashes and enclosures are very secure.

    Yes, this dog can be saved. But if they do not have the desire or ability to work with him every day for much of the day, then it would be better to rehome him.

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  • 1 decade ago

    American pit bull terrier - "pit bull" is NOT a breed.

    No the dog is doing what it is suppose to do being ANIMAL aggressive *NOT* human aggressive. Bully breeds,fighting breeds, and other various breeds have a high prey and a lot of them are suppose to be animal aggressive for a reason (such as a hounds because they are suppose to hunt). APBTs were bred to fight other dogs NOT humans. In fact in fighting pits humans are in the pits with the dog. They could not have a human aggressive dog because then people would get bit. Any fighting APBTs were put down that showed human aggression.

    I have seen many animal aggressive dogs be great with people and children of all ages. Animal aggressive and human aggression are *NOT* related! Its un fair to put a dog down when its the humans fault for not socializing the dog with animals at a young age and not watching this breed when it is around other pets. Don't blame the dog blame who wasn't watching it!!!!!!!!

    EDIT: You so called "pit bull owners" are you serious?? ANYONE who *KNOWS* the breed will know that human aggression and animal aggression are NOT related. Just because a dog kills a cat or a chicken etc does not mean its going to go off and start attacking humans. DUH get a grip!

    Source(s): Owner of bully breeds Studying to show/work/breed true APBTs Much research in the breed
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  • ALJ: For someone who quote on quote "owns an APBT", I would have expected a much more intellegent answer from you.

    Animal Aggression and Human AGGRESSION ARE TWO VERY DIFFERENT THINGS. Animal aggression is apart of the breed, but human aggression is a FLAW and NOT TOLERABLE IN THIS BREED!!!!

    "Who is to say he won't attack a person??" WRONG. Again, this breed is prone to animal and dog aggression. YOUR SISTER either needs to hire a proffessional trainer and get it under control or surrender the dog to a bully breed rescue where someone who HAS the experience and knows how to control it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I am a long time Pit Bull owner and this is what I would do. I would have the dog put down. The aggression and killing is BAD. He will never change. This is your mothers livelihood and a potential lawsuit in the making. I know it hurts to make this decision, but would you rather do it later after he hurts a human? I love my dog breed and defend them rigorously. Unfortunately the breed is not perfect. It is true that not all animal aggressive dogs will become aggressive to humans. It is also very true that these dogs require a strong leader. The APBT is not for everyone. If you can not find a GOOD home for this dog than it should be put down. I currently own 2 Boxers 10yrs and 8yrs old and 2 APBT's 5yrs old and 14 weeks. I have owned Pit Bulls for 25 years.

    Source(s): Long time Pit Bull and Boxer mom
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  • 1 decade ago

    Our pitbull was aggressive to my fiances dads horses. We broke him of that after shocking him 2 times with a shock collar and are currently breaking him of aggression towards people with it. Try it! Good luck!!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You are right pits are very nice dogs. Some were bred to kill, but most are nice. I have a Pit Bull and she is the most loving animal ever. As much as i love dogs, that dog has got to be put down before the Pit Bull attacks anymore things/people/animals. Hope it helps.:)

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  • pits are not by-nature human aggressive

    as for him attacking other animals, consult a professional dog trainer/behaviorist

    if you lived in IL I could give you my bosses number

    I dont think you have to worry about people, but until you find someone to help you-keep him away from all animals

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Animal aggression is a part of the breed. It has no correlation to human aggression at all. You have nothing to worry about, just tell your sister to keep it under control.

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