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only a few questions. can u help please?

7. How would an increase in the required reserve ratio affect borrowers? (1 point)

It would force banks to lower their interest rates, which would benefit many borrowers.

It would force banks to raise their monthly charges, which would hurt many borrowers.

It would force banks to recall a significant number of loans, which would hurt many borrowers.

It would prompt banks to lend more money, which would benefit many borrowers.

8. What do Social Security taxes pay for?

(1 point)

benefits to federal workers and military personnel

benefits to those who are unemployed

transportation and training expenses for low-income people

benefits to older citizens, surviving family members of wage earners, and people with certain disabilities

9. Which of the following is one reason the federal government collects income taxes as a person earns? (1 point)

so that people do not realize exactly how much they are paying

so that the money can be put aside until it is needed

so that the government can pay bills as they come due

so that taxpayers can qualify for refunds and excess tax

10. What is a major difference between an operating budget and a capital budget? (1 point)

In an operating budget, legislation is needed; in a capital budget, no legislation is needed.

An operating budget is raised by bonds; a capital budget is raised by taxes.

An operating budget consists of small amounts of money; a capital budget consists of large amounts of money.

An operating budget is for day-to-day expenses; a capital budget is for investment spending.

11. What is an entitlement? (1 point)

a social welfare program providing benefits to people who meet certain eligibility requirements

a social welfare program paying bills for government spending such as supplies and utilities

a social welfare program spending funds over which legislators have direct control

a social welfare program providing payments that the government receives for certain services

12. Your department store receipt says that you pay a 5% sales tax on sports equipment. This sales tax is an example of a (1 point)

proportional tax.

progressive tax.

regressive tax.

income tax.

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    Do your own home work, or at least put your question in the right catagory

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