I want to know history of khana kaba before Islam?

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i'll look at wiki later
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  • Muzammil answered 4 years ago
    Before islam? I mean islam has been here since man set foot on earth. Islam the word is arabic but this way of life was there since beginning and all the prophets were muslims. meaning they submitted their will to the will of God. The kaaba in Mecca is the first place of worship on the face of the earth.According to a sahih hadith of the prophet (pbuh) the kaaba was built by prophet Adam with the help of arch angel Gibreel, subsequently it was destroyed during a flood then prophet Ibrahim was shown by an angel this place and asked to rebuilt the kaaba. Abraham (pbuh) built the kaaba along with his son Ismael(pbuh). the son, ismael-ale--salam used to bring stones and mud for the construction of the kaaba while his father Ibrahim (pbuh) stood on the stone, which we still find framed to this day at muqaam-e-Ibrahim in the premises of the kaaba as his signature. It is narrated in the hadith that as the height of the kaaba grew so did the stone on which hadrath ibrahim stood. Then after completion both father and son prayed Allah subhanahutaala to accept their service.
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  • Thunda Funda answered 4 years ago
    Go to ramadan section there you will find loads of Muslims to answer you back.

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  • Fireball answered 4 years ago
    google it...this isnt a ques..
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  • Deep Thought answered 4 years ago
    Heck, I want to know the history of Karma Kameleon, but it's just not in the cards. now is it?
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  • star-in-a-million answered 4 years ago
    I read somewhere the Kaaba contains a bolide or a huge asteroid rock that fell into the Arabian desert thousands of years ago. It became a source of awe to the pre-Islamic Arabs, in fact it became one of the religious shrines that thrived in Mecca under the supervision of the Kuraysh tribe and which provided them with a steady source of income. When Mohammad came to preach his new religion, the Kuraysh tribe felt threatened and threw him away. When he came back as conqueror of Mecca, he destroyed the other idols in the shrine except the Kaabah and the bolide within to bring him into good standing with his kinsmen.
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  • zun-noon answered 4 years ago
    Islam was from the beginning since Adam was created. The minds were ready to understand the unity and power of God when Muhammad started explaining what Islam is, submission to God, the one and only.
    Getting back to you question, Ibrahim was a prophet of God, he worshipped God, the one and only most powerful, he built the Ka'ba on God's command. Although there were kings who tried to destroy it, it was only damaged but then rebuilt again.
    After that, the idol worshippers started storing their idols in the Ka'ba, and worshipped the idols, however, when the time came, Muhammad (prophet) went and removed all the idols and made the Ka'ba pure, like when it was built by Ibrahim and his son (Ishmael).
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