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Raw hits or misses + BQ?

Say if the following are hits of raw or misses

details will give you a better chance for best answer

-Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels put things behind them with a hug.

-Diva's tournament...Maryse takes out the bella twins.

-4 way match for #1 contender for US with the winner of MVP.

-Cody and Ted trying to take control of Legacy, threatening to kick Randy out.

-Randy Orton defeats Kofi with an RKO.

-McMahon seems to be cool with Bret, until he does a low blow.

BQ: do you like the miz's new song?

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    Bret and Shwan Michaels hug- Miss. I think that it could of been a hit if done better. the whole thing looked rushed and you could tell by their facial expressions that they still hated one another. It just didn't look believable.

    Divas Tournament- Miss. Their should have been more divas involved. It was too predictable.

    4 way US title contender match- Hit. It's about time that The Miz put his title on the line, without being predictable. It was also a solid match.

    Cody and Ted controling Legacy- Hit. Leagcy needed something new to happen with them. Also if WWE wants Ted to turn face soon, then this is the way to do it.

    RKO on Kofi- Hit. Kofi has been looking too dominant over Randy recently, so this made Randy look good and also freshened up Legacy a bit.

    McMahon low blow on Bret- Hit. It was totally unexpected hwo he did it at the last minute. It also could spark off a new rivalry between the two.

    BQ: It seems just ok. But i haven't heard it much yet. It was definatelly time that Miz used a good theme song to go with his gimmick of being awesome.

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    Bret and Shawn Make up- Hit.

    Diva's Tournament...Maryse Takes Out Bella Twins - Hit.

    4 way match for #1 contender for US With The Winner MVP - Hit. He deserves it.

    Cody And Ted Trying To Take Control Of Legacy, Threatening To Kick Randy Out- Miss.

    Randy Defeats Kofi With An RKO- Hit and Miss.

    McMahon Seems To Be Cool With Bret , Until He Des A Low Blow.- Miss

    BQ. At First I heard A Sudden: AWESOME. LOL

    But, It's Cool , Haven't Heard It Right Though....

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  • moman
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    3 years ago

    hit... the franchise or absolutely everyone else wasnt watching for Lin to be so dominating on the court.. they could have observed Lin some high quality rookie minutes coming off the bench yet could have permit baron play the season as their starter

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  • 1 decade ago







    BQ: I didn't hear it yet

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