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What do you mean by cloud antivirus?

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    In current antivirus software a new document or program is scanned with only one virus detector at a time. CloudAV would be able to send programs or documents to a network cloud where it will use multiple antivirus and behavioural detection simultaneously. It is more thorough and also has the ability to check the new document or programs access history.

    CloudAV is a cloud computing antivirus developed at a product of scientists of the University of Michigan. Each time a computer or device receives a new document or program, that item is automatically detected and sent to the antivirus cloud for analysis. The CloudAV system uses 12 different detectors that act together to tell the PC whether the item is safe to open.

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    Source(s): #1 Antivirus For PC -
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    Security software developer Panda announced a new antivirus software solution that is based on the so called cloud computing concept. Cloud computing refers to dynamically scalable services that are provided over the Internet. Panda promises lighter resource usage and better performance by moving the data analysis from the local computer system to the cloud servers on the Internet. Users can currently download the latest beta version of Panda Cloud Antivirus freely at the official website. Other benefits include the always up to date virus signature and scanning engines as all updates are handled on the server side.

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    thats a anti-virus or anti-spyware program

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