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Is there a cure for xerophthalmia?

I've had dry eyes for years. My condition got worse over the last two years, due to my excessive use of contact lenses. My doctor perscribed me eye drops that only have a temporary effect. He says that there is no permanent cure for xerophthalmia, but I was wondering if there are any (home) remedies I could try.

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    It depends on what is causing the problem. One of the causes of xerophthalmia is vitamin A deficiency. If this is the case, supplementation with vitamin A will remedy the problem. In any case, you should be eating foods rich in vitamin A, such as: eggs, meat, milk, cheese, cream, liver, kidney, cod, and halibut fish oil. However, all of these sources -- except for skim milk that has been fortified with Vitamin A -- are high in saturated fat and cholesterol.

    Carotenoids are dark-colored dyes found in plant foods that can turn into a form of vitamin A. One such carotenoid is beta-carotene. Sources of beta-carotene are carrots, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, winter squashes, cantaloupe, pink grapefruit, apricots, broccoli, spinach, and most dark green, leafy vegetables. The more intense the color of a fruit or vegetable, the higher the beta-carotene content. These vegetable sources of beta-carotene are free of fat and cholesterol.

    The other obvious thing that I would suggest is to stop wearing contact lenses if you see that it is making the problem worse.

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    Xerophthalmiais a disease caused by deficiency of vitamin A. It is characterized by drying of the tear ducts resulting in degeneration of the transparent part of the eye, leading to ulceration of the cornea and blindness. It is the commonest preventable cause of blindness worldwide. A few treatment options are available, including:

    1. Dry eye treatments, moisture replacement therapies, eye ointment, false tears, punctal methycellulose, punctal occlusion surgery, collagen plugs, silicon plugs, avoidance of wind, Humidifier, stop smoking, no second hand smoke, chew gum, suck hard candy, saliva motivations, brush teeth, use lotions, take shorter showers, libation, avoid sugar, take antibiotics and etc. These are just some of the treatments available for this type of illness. It helps to seek the help of a doctor before commencing this process.

    2. Wearing blue-light protection glasses and lenses like Taime Eyewear(

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    Xerophthalmia Treatment

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