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Who else want Maria Jose "The Cheater" Martinez Sanchez to trip and break her legs?

I know serve and vollying is part of tennis and it's okay when you do it a few times in the game but this b*tch (excuse me) just serves and volleys her way through the match. Stay in the effin baseline and win a point properly! That's why i want her to break her bones while running to the net. Or maybe just trip and badly hits her face on the ground. Who else wants this to happen to this cheater?

Maybe i'm just crazy.


No no no. she is a cheater because in her french open match against Serena, she touched the ball and went in so she won the point but she lied and said she didn't know she touched the ball.

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    well i think a serve and volleyer especially for a women is cool.. and she is very different

    but i do not wish her to break ber legs or fal on her face..

    but i wish she would get her *** whopped in some of her tennis matches for cheating....

    she will get it someday :)

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    The entire game of tennis was originally serve and volley, such as: Rene Lacoste, Don Budge, Boris Becker, Martina Navratilova, Billie Jean King, Pete Sampras. And the list goes on and on about serve-and-volley players

    You should probably shut up before more crap comes out of that mouth

    (btw- all those players I meantioned happen to be legendary players- so did they cheat to win dozens of titles?)

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    That isn't's a great game style. Unfortunately, many players don't really use it anymore. But I don't like her because she cheated in that Serena match at the French Open.

  • Winning a point is winning a point, no matter how you do it.

    It isn't like she actually does cheat, serve and volley is a dying aspect in tennis, for men and women. Can you think of another woman that does that. She has a very tactical game, and I for one think it is cool that she does this.


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    Thats bad karma, break bones, hot her face on the ground....cmon man that sick. Wish for justice or something like that.

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    Hey that one way to play the game isn't it, and you don't want her to injure herself. Don't be so crude.

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