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What do you think about the whole 'EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL LIFE' thing. I want to know what you think.?

I also want to know what you think about space and the universe and other worlds. I love hearing from other people. I believe in 'aliens' and things like that. I just want to know what you believe.

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    I think you will enjoy this. I have collected some evidence that advanced civilizations (aka extraterrestrials) are already here. This includes:

    ● military radar evidence of Alien spacecraft,

    ● the FAA admitting that Aliens are visiting our planet,

    ● astronauts admitting that Aliens are visiting our planet and is being covered up,

    ● doppler radar and a weatherman going "Oh My God!" when he sees these craft on his radar, at the same exact time sightings were being reported by police from various counties of other-worldly spacecraft.

    There are ways to travel throughout the Universe without violating the laws of physics and intelligent civilizations far more advanced than humans have figured out how. Humans are neanderthals when it comes to understanding the Universe and space travel. Fuel-based rockets are archaic and only when we learn how to warp space will we begin to understand how to perform interstellar travel.

    Here is some of the scientific evidence.

    Former Astronaut Buzz Aldrin confirms on national tv there is an Alien-made object on one of Mars' Moons. Not only that, there is digital photo evidence of the structure taken by a previous Mars mission.

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    This next sighting was over Alaska in 1986. The sighting was reported by the pilot (who had 29 years flight experience) of a 747 cargo jet. He reported the UFO flew right in front of the plane. Later, military radar confirmed seeing a large unidentified object flying behind the plane, confirming absolutely what the pilot saw. This sighting is SPECIAL not only because of Radar evidence but also the cockpit recordings during the live event were captured and played during this evidence video.

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    From the above sighting, the FAA Chief of Investigations came forward and admitted the CIA confiscated all flight data and told them the incident "never happened". Here is the FAA Chief in his own words.

    Aliens Literally Mocking NASA During It's Space Shuttle Mission, as filmed by the Space Shuttle crew:

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    Former Astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell, 6th man to walk on the Moon, confirms there is life throughout the Universe and some life forms are visiting Earth, and our Governments have covered it up for "quite a long time".

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    Even our Presidents know the truth, or suspect it. President Reagan making a speech about Aliens to the United Nations.

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    Best video ever made on the subject. "Out of the Blue". Astronauts, generals, top officials reveal major UFO cover-up. If you only watch 1 video, this is it. 1.5 hours long:

    NASA STS-88: Black Transforming UFO. NASA says it is space junk. YOU be the judge:

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    Credit to NASA for filming the following real UFO's seen in space:

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    This sighting is SPECIAL because Doppler Radar from the National Weather Service was used to confirm multiple sightings recorded from police dispatch. Both the police and the radar operator swear what they saw was not of this Earth, and the radar confirmed it.

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    These videos present undeniable proof: None of these videos are people pointing in the sky and misinterpreting lights. These are Astronauts, experienced pilots, FAA officials, and visible evidence of things that cannot be explained in terrestrial terms.


    Source(s): . As for the 1952 DC Incident, radar detected several unidentified blips flying near the White House. The Air Force scrambled jets and the blips flew off the radar at 7,200 MPH. Here is a newspaper article describing the incident. Major General John A Samford, Air Force Intelligence Chief, took this sighting extremely seriously. Watch this. The Air Force later said the entire incident was due to a "temperature inversion" in the atmosphere, despite thousands of witnesses, radar data and pilots that said the UFO's disappeared right in front of them. Well, listen to what these FAA radar operators really think it was.
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    Read "Chariots of the Gods" by Erich Von Daniken. All he does is piece together very obvious things, and ask the questions we all should be wanting an answer to. Even before and after reading his book, I think the existence of E.T. life is not even is question. I witnessed a flying object, that defied all possible logic. I thought it was merely a plane until I payed more attention to it's shape, then watched it change direction up, down, left, right with speed and ease, then fly away at an impossible rate. I agree with you, what we consider Aliens are very real. The majority of people are just too bullheaded and think it's too outlandish or crazy to believe in beings apart from ourselves in an endless universe. I'll cross a lot of boundaries by saying this, but my theory is that we are a product of "alien" life. The religion thing, "angels", "aliens" are the same thing. In all religions everything supreme and powerful comes from the sky, and they all fly. Angels have "wings" meaning they fly. Why is it a natural instinct for humans to look to the sky when praying or in times of desperate need? The bible, whether you believe in it or not, is loaded with experiences with the Angels that are way too similar to UFO description. The biggest kick I get is when devoted religious persons laugh at the thought of ET life. They are devoting their lives to something they've never seen, yet they believe in it and "know" it exists, while there is so much solid proof of UFO's and ET's and they deny it. Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking faith, I was raised in a christian home. This is just something that I have a lot of interest in and feel strongly about it. But there is just so much we were never intended to know.

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    Aliens exist. You can't tell me that there are hundreds of thousands of planets in all these galaxies and we're the only race. It's only common sense to believe in aliens. They're around us all the time, and I'm not someone who goes to UFO meetings or anything, I'm just a strong believer in aliens. And people think that everyone came from one couple, Adam and Eve? OK. Tell me this then. If we all came from ONE couple then why are there so many different races of people in the world with their own different language? My Grandma thinks and I believe her, that we are all aliens from different planets. That's my belief and I'm sticking with it, whether you or anyone else believes me or not, that's my opinion.

    And the Universe, well that's tricky. I believe the Universe has a life purpose for everyone, and there's a reason for everything. I believe in 'what goes around comes around', so if you're mean to someone then that will bite in the ****(sorry for the bad language)twice as hard.

    I also love hearing from other people as well. Sorry about the really long answer but from the start of the answer to just before the Universe bit I copied and pasted from another question I answered so It's the same, sorry, but I was too lazy to type it all again, lol.

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    im exactly the same as you. I love to hear about these things.

    Well my point of view on extra-terrestrial life is, that it IS out there, no doubts in my mind and it is reasonably common. Noe Intelligent extra-terrestrial life is not as common in my point of view, but i believe it is also out there in the vastnesses of space. The universe is to Large (large do it no just justest) for only 7 billion people to live on. That is a stupid claim and everyone should know it

    My idea on Space and the Universe is way to long to get talking about on this, i would only be able to talk in person. But in a nut shell i think, what we see and what we know about Space and everything is only a very very small factor of what is really out there.

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    Many "skeptics" doubt the possibility of greater-terrestrial existence. through maximum persons of the international, or a minimum of the western international being Christian, if greater-terrestrial existence have been got here across it may disprove the bible (back). in spite of the actuality that, pondering the actuality that persons blindly overlook with regard to the entirely logical and infallible thought of evolution, possibly i'm incorrect, and people could overlook approximately that finding too. some additionally deny greater-terrestrial existence out of concern of the unknown, as people have accomplished all of history. the possibility of a few thing accessible that is, if not as clever, greater clever then us, would not soothe the human ego properly. The sheer length of the universe could recommend regardless of if that there is, a minimum of, decrease varieties of lifelike micro organism. maximum, if not all the flying saucers "sightings" and "encounters" have basically been hoaxes. people finding for exposure, or possibly basically wishful thinking. not something has been proved regardless of if. possibly that's a competent element people do not basically believe there is greater-terrestrial existence with none evidence although. i could like people basing their ideals and ideologies on information fairly of delusions. individually, i believe there is existence accessible. The universe is basically basically a strategies too super for there to not be, and this is egotistic to think of that we are the only ones here. evaluating us to the universe of what all of us comprehend, we are like a grain of sand on the earth. yet pondering what we don't comprehend, this is greater like a grain of sand on the solar. yet that length can be the project. We could on no account locate them

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    I believe that we will find 'LIFE" of some microbial type , in our Solar System, but that we will never know if there's any 'out there'.... I do not believe in alien visitors... now or in the past....I also believe that the things , both accidental and chemical that happened and brought life to this planet and that brought man to his position on Earth are so vastly accidental, for lack of a better word, that the chance of them happening just that way AGAIN is zero.... there's nothing even remotely 'like us' anywhere... we are unique...

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    I believe that in the vastness of space there has to be at least a few other life forms that we would consider "sentient". I just think that they have either not mastered space travel or are so far away that we will probably never make contact. Though... you know... anything is possible.

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    Given that we are really in the empty part of the galaxy would aliens bother, may be but i am not holding my breath. But how about looking closer to home and thats with in the Earth and under the sea, .

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    ET proliferates throughout the universe,some may have proof of others but we don't.

    They likely parallel us closely in intelligence and are not far ahead or behind in technology,they,like us are likely short lived,350 to 500 years.

    They have all the problems we make for ourselves,religion,wars,terrorism etc and they theorize about us as we do about them.

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