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    I have been studying at this school for half a year, but my grades have not been good. I was so afraid of accounting and calculus, so I resisted on studying these two courses. I was very disappointed in myself. I knew I had to pluck up my courage and to study harder. I told myself that it wasn’t easy for me to get in the college which I had dreamed of. Even though the learning process is difficult, I shouldn’t just give up on myself. How do I reach my goal? Although I still don’t have any answers yet, I believe if I put my all my efforts into my study, I will see the result.

    Although my grades aren’t too good, there are things which I am happy about in the school. I have made some close friends. It isn’t easy to find true friends. I am so lucky to know them because they always stand by me whenever I feel sad. They always give me comfort and consolation.

    All things have their bright side and dark side. I believe that I will enjoy my college life, whether it is sad or happy.

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    Sorry!多了一個 " my"

    I believe if I put all my efforts into my study, I will see the result.

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    This studied in the school also has a half year, was very actually disappointed to own performance, saw accountant and the calculus had plant the inexplicable resistance feeling, to started to be afraid finally opens the textbook, such I am been very disappointed myself, I must put out the courage to be only then right facing the difficult problem! Depending on own has passed into oneself mind university diligently with great difficulty, even if met in the study has been difficult I not to be able flinching easily, what kind of only will then achieve my goal diligently? Although I do not have the answer, but I believed that me who before having pays result diligently and, pushes shrinks compared to, should miss many.

    Besides is disappointed to the schoolwork, certainly also has makes my happy matter, that was I burnt many intimate friends, must find suited own friend is really not very easy, met many good friends very happily, always when I was sadly sad accompanied side me, always the first time appeared in me most needs the time which comforted.

    In the world matter relative existence, will always have well will have the badness, I believed that no matter will be disappointed or is joyful I to enjoy my university life.

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