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    My name is XXX, 34 years old, married a career woman, father of one son and one daughter, namely, 7 years and 5 years old,

    Lives Panchiao City, we have a very and happy family life, I am a quiet and easy-going person who prefers to help others

    , When I have time I will surf the Internet and information, or cooking, when they leave they take their children to travel together, I am currently work in hospitals and service units of the emergency room nurses, job content is to help doctors deal with urgent and acute patients so that mental health patients can be comfortable, this is a challenging task, from the work that I learned a lot, I am proud of my work because I like the work, it gives me not only to help other people is driving force in my life. I hope that the future can be a positive experience things, is to face instead of evasion, a sense of responsibility, learning independent living in better shape for the final thanks for listening to the teacher.

    我是國小6年級 希望你用的到!!!

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