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    ●The roasts surface of Sicilia seafood

    ● Harsh seafood-rice of Thai type

    ● Ka and the aeginetia indica chicken of roasts surface

    ●The Wuxi spareribs braise of the food

    ●The rosemary of the burns chicken-leg rice

    ●Privately of braised beef noodles

    ●The small beef soup-caldron (attaches plain rice or winter powder)

    ●Japanese-style seafood pot (attaches plain rice or winter powder)

    ●Maintains the living body of elementin-mushroom-pot (attaches plain rice or winter powder)

    ●Elementin-chicken-food of Arhat

    ●Element of three-mushroom-rice

    ●Tomato shiitake mushroom surface of Andess

    ●Privately of braised beef flour

    ●Black pepper of the beef spaghetti

    ●Bothers of the beef spaghetti

    ●The black pepper-spaghetti

    ●The bothers-spaghetti

    Source(s): Multi-Purpose of the Dictionary-food chapter (萬用字典 -食物篇)
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