In which countries can one study Medicine in the English medium, in a private medical college?

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    There are many options for you. The best place to see where you can study and read reviews, is here

    Here is a full list

    All Saints University of Medicine Aruba Aruba

    Caribbean $5,500 Basics

    $6,995 Clinicals

    All Saints University School of Medicine Dominica Dominica

    Caribbean $4,750 Basics

    $6,500 Clinicals

    American Global University School of Medicine Belize,

    Caribbean $5,900 Basics

    $7,600 Clinicals

    American International Medical University St. Lucia


    American International School of Medicine Guyana,

    South America Pre-Med: $4,500.00 USD

    Basic Sciences: $7,000.00 USD

    Clinical Medicine: $8,000.00 USD

    American University of Antigua Antigua,

    Caribbean $10,632 Basics

    $12,094 Clinicals

    American University of the Caribbean St. Maarten,

    Caribbean $14,500 Basic

    $16,100 Clinic

    Australia-U.S. Medical School Queensland,

    Australia $48,000 AUS/year

    Ben Gurion University Medical School Israel,

    Middle East $14,250 Basic

    $14,250 Clinical

    Burnett International Medical School St. Kitts

    Caribbean $5,700 Basics

    $6,000 Clinicals

    Central Michigan University Michigan,

    United Stats

    Central American Health Sciences University Belize,

    Caribbean $6,050 basics

    $9,000 clinics

    Charles University Faculty of Medicine Czech Republic,

    E. Europe $5,750

    per semester

    Davao University Medical School Philippines,


    Destiny University School of Medicine St. Lucia,

    Carribean $7,000 Basics

    $8,000 Clinicals

    Fatima University Medical School Philippines,

    Asia $20,000

    per year

    Flinders University Medical School Adelaide

    Australia $28,388

    per year

    Grace University Medical School Belize, Caribbean

    U.K., Europe $11,200 Basics

    $12,100 Clinicals

    Hope Medical Institute Poland


    International American University St. Lucia

    Caribbean $8,000 Basic

    $9,000 Clinical

    International University of Health Sciences St Kitts/Nevis

    Caribbean $68,000

    (full program)

    Jagiellonian University Medical College Poland

    Europe $10,000 avg


    James Cook University Medical School Australia $24,000


    Karol Marcinkowski Medical School Poland,

    Europe $14,500


    Medical University of the Americas Belize Belize

    Caribbean $5,500 Basics

    $7,900 Clinicals

    Medical University of the Americas Nevis Nevis,

    Caribbean $8,250 Basics

    $9,450 Clinicals

    Medical University of Bialystok Poland


    Medical University of Gdansk Poland

    Europe $12,000 Yr 1

    $8,000 Yrs 2-6 (per annum)

    Medical University of Lodz Poland

    Europe $5,500 EUR

    per term (2 terms per year)

    Medical University of Lublin Poland


    Medical University of Pleven Bulgaria

    Europe 5,200 EUR per year

    Medical University of Silesia Poland

    Europe $11,400

    per annum

    Medical University of Warsaw Poland

    Europe $12,453

    per annum

    Moscow State University Faculty of Medicine Moscow


    National University of Ireland, Galway Galway,

    Ireland $33,600

    per year

    OzTREKK - Study Medicine in Australia Australia $13,500 - $46,000

    per year

    Pacific Basin University Medical School Micronesia,

    Oceania $4,500 Basics

    $4,850 Clinical

    Palacky University Faculty of Medicine Czech Republic

    Europe $10,900

    per year

    Pomeranian Medical University Szczecin

    Poland $9,000

    per year

    Ross University School of Medicine Dominica,

    Caribbean $14,665 Basic

    $16,100 Clinical

    Royal College of Surgeons Med School Ireland,

    Europe $54,320

    per year

    Saba University Medical School Saba,

    Caribbean $8,750 Basic

    $9,950 Clinical

    Sackler School of Medicine Israel,

    Middle East $22,000

    a year

    Semmelweis University Med School Hungary,

    Europe $10,800

    a year

    Spartan Health Sciences University St. Lucia,

    Caribbean $4,950 Basic

    $3,550 Clinical

    St. Christopher College of Medicine Sengal, Africa

    UK, Europe $8,000 Basic

    $8,500 Clinical

    St. George's University School of Medicine Grenada,

    Caribbean $15,153 Basic (avg)

    $20,523 Clinical

    St. James University Medical School Bonaire,

    Caribbean $4,200 Basic

    $7,167 Clinicals

    St. Luke School of Medicine Liberia

    African $3,500 plus

    $350/Final Exam

    St. Luke's University School of Medicine Belize

    Caribbean $8,775 average

    $9,875 Clinicals

    St. Matthew's University Medical School Cayman Isalands,

    Caribbean $8,900 Basic

    $9,900 Clinical

    St. Petersburg State Medical Academy St Petersburg

    Russia $6,000 / semester

    Technion School of Medicine Israel,

    Middle East $22,000

    per year

    Trinity College University of Dublin Dublin,

    Ireland $33,000

    per year

    Trinity School Of Medicine St. Vincent,

    Caribbean $10,000 Basic

    $11,600 Clinical

    UNIBE Medical School Dominican Republic,

    Caribbean $4,000 per


    Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara Guadalarjara,

    Mexico $22,000/yr (yrs 1-4)

    $ 4,000/yr (yrs 5-6)

    Universidad Central del Este Dominican Republic,

    Caribbean $3,000 per


    University College Cork Medical School Cork,

    Ireland $33,000

    per year

    University of Auckland Medical School Auckland,

    New Zealand

    University of Constanta Medical School Romania

    E. Europe $3,600

    per year

    University of Debrecen Medical School Hungary

    E. Europe $4,400

    per semester

    University of Health Sciences Antigua Antigua and Barbuda

    Caribbean $8,750 Basics

    $10,150 Clinicals

    University of Medicine and Health Sciences (UMHS) Saint Kitts and Nevis

    Caribbean $7,800 Basics

    $11,000 Clinicals

    University of Oradea Medical School Romania

    E. Europe $3,600/year


    University of Queensland Medical School Queensland

    Australia $27,000/year

    University of Sibiu Medical school Romania

    E. European $3,600

    per year

    University of Sint Eustatius Sint Eustatius

    Caribbean $7,800 Basic

    $8,400 Clinical

    University of Sydney Faculty of Medicine Sydney

    Australia $40,300/year

    University of Szeged Medical School Hungary

    E. European $ 9,130 Year I

    $7,720 Yrs II-VI

    University of West Indies Jamaica,

    Caribbean $33,080

    Windsor University Medical School St Kitts/Nevis

    Caribbean $4,990 Basic

    $4,990 Clinical

    Xavier University School of Medicine, Aruba Aruba

    Caribbean $6,500 Preclinic

    $7,700 Clinical

    Xavier University School of Medicine, Bonaire Bonaire

    Netherlands Antilles $5,800 Preclinic

    Hope this helps.

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