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Stock market game help?

So whoever wins the stock market game out of the whole long island (i think) wins a mac laptop and a trip to somewhere. I really want to win! any good suggestions? So far I have

Mastercard (which is up by so much it will do good)



Thanks to whoever answered!

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    In order to win the contest you have to pick a high risk stock...those are the ones that go up the most. Since you're not putting real money up it doesn't matter, right?

    Those other companies are good but they won't win ya the contest. Trust me. You need a stock that will go up like 300% or more. The ones most likely to do that are penny stocks.

    I own several but most of them are already up a lot. Hawthorne Gold is one that's been down and I understand they're releasing some good news soon. This one can double in a few months if the news is good. The ticker is HGC on the Canadian exchange or HWTHF in the U.S..

    Here's a better one though.....Itronics, Inc. ticker: ITRO this one is only .003 but can easily be .03 by end of this year. That's a 1000% return and would certainly win ya the laptop;-) Hey, if ya win I want the trip. Deal? LOL ...unless it's to Florida since I already live there. lol

    Good luck.

    Go with ITRO

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