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How does it make you feel knowing that Partnership For A Drug Free America is funded by?

Alcohol and Tobacco companies? What is their ulterior motive? Because I know it's not to keep people healthy.

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    ok there trying to cover their butts

    Because there tired of being sued for deaths.

    There trying to change their image

    and keep underage kids away.

  • Drugs against drugs eh.. I would say that the ulterior motive is to establish that alcohol and tobacco aren't "drugs" or at least they are "good" drugs, which they are not. Anti-drug campaigns being funded by the biggest distributers of drugs is ridiculously hypocritical. Alcohol is one of the worst drugs, far more harmful than marijuana and yet socially acceptable and government endorsed. Makes me mad as hell because you see my father was a victim of alcoholism as are many of my friends and several family members. But pot is the devil and the government spends millions on propaganda to make people hate it.. could it be that they don't care either way about our health but rather how much money they can make. Can't make money off of a plant that anyone, anywhere can grow and is way better for you than commercially produced medications for depression and such. It's all a bunch of crap I say.

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    do u know WHY? because alcohol and tobacco companies are making a KILLING in their monopolistic markets.

    people who cant smoke weed obviously turn to booze and cigs.

    they stand to lose a lot of money if marijuana is legalized.

    cig companies have been preparing though, theyve had patents on weed cig names since the 90's.

    cannabis would change the entire economy around, in a good way. its time to end the prohibition. let me smoke my joint in peace.

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    You been following the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

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    yay for alcohol and tobacco! and drugs! :)

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    e me lik dem cracks and po po trnia stop me.

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    OK, get rid of Drugs first, have to start somewhere.....!!

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    I am not one bit surprised.

    Source(s): Dude, we need to all get together & work to get weed legalized, or at least decriminalized! lol This has gone on too long! Don't hate, Educate!!! :P
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