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Why is the formula for Lithium Aluminum Hydride LiAlH4?

What i do not understand is the 4. the charge of luthium is +1 Hydrogen= +1 and aluminum = +3

the charges are different so a cross is needed by Li and H are 1 so...? where did the 4 come from?

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    If i understand this correctly consider that Al is both a +3 or a -5. using the -5 for Al balances the equation.


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    Aluminum Hydride Formula

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    All correct except: nitrogen is N2 (well if it only ask for the elemental symbol then N is okay), and calcium sulfate is CaSO4 Moreover, calcium carbonate is CaCO3 and aluminum hydride is AlH3. But These are quite minor. Seems like typos.

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    Hydrogen can either accept or donate one electron. So its valance is either +1 or -1.

    Lithium = +1

    Aluminum = +3

    Hydrogen = -1, times 4

    It adds up to zero, just like it should.

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