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what are the best wheels to get to fit my abec 3 reflex bearings?

im getting new bearings for my tour 800 hockey skates and i need new wheels too. The bearings im getting are abec 3 reflex bearings and i need to know the best kind of wheels for me to get to fit those bearings.

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    Depends on the surface.

    Soft wheels (74 or 76a) for sport court, Hard (80 -> 85a depending on your weight)

    for asphalt and concrete. Haven't been on a rollon surface enough to know what to suggest for that.

    If skating on more than one surface use different wheels. I can't over emphasize this!

    From what I can see, that frame can fit up to 76mm wheels. Years ago I had a pair of CCM roller hockey skates with a chassis similar to yours - all 76's gives more speed, but if you want to better stimulate an ice hockey blade feel (as well as better turning, stopping, stops + starts) put 2x76 wheels at the back of the skate, 2x72 in the front.

    Source(s): Been playing ice and roller hockey since 1991
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