Tokio Hotel Family: LOSER!?

Did you hear that Bill got voted #1 loser of the year in Joepie Magazine! D:

yeahhh, I know right! O_O

and Tom got voted #10 hottest.

which is pretty good I guess? he's still in the top 10

even though last year he was #4 xD

Q: what Tokio Hotel song that's only recorded in one language (German or English)

would you like to hear in the other language? lol does that make sense? xD

I wanna hear Attention in German ^_^

BQ: how was your first day back!?


@Led Zeppelin Rulez: Back to school! xD

Update 2:

myy day was alright lol

I woke up early got ready and everything

went to school and like the end of first period they called me down to the office I waited there for more then half an hour and then was told I have to go home 'cause I'm still suspended (you have to get shots and I faxed it to the health department but the school didn't get it -_- ) and there just like come back tomorrow and all that :P lmao

Update 3:

@Jilly: you were skinning cats!? O_O

Update 4:

@breezy(imiss jimmyA7X): yupp!

Losers xD

1.Bill Kaulitz

2.Kanye West

3.Chris Brown

4.Perez Hilton

5.Sean Dhondt

wtf, how did Bill beat CB and KW? o.O

Hotties *_*

1.Taylor Lautner

2.Robert Pattinson

3.Justin Bieber

4.Nick Jonas

5.Zack Efron

6.Joe Jonas

7.Lucas Till

8.Chad Michael Murray

9.Alex Pettyfer

10.Tom Kaulitz

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  • Jilly
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    1 decade ago
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    If by being a loser they mean being so sexy it's loserish then hellya, Bill rocks!

    Let me guess number one was Taylor Lautner r Robert Pattinson? blahhh, Tom is way hotter.

    Q: In order:

    Hilf Mir Fliegen, Freunde Bleiben, In Die Nacht, Geh, Nach Dir Kommt Nichts. But I think Hilf Mir Fliegen would sound weird and cheesy in English. Freunde Bleiben is so funny and would be perfect to send the song to a fake friend. All the others are so pretty, I can't just pick one XD

    Even though I don't speak Spanish very well it would be cool to hear them sing in it. It's so sexy when ppl roll their R's in Spanish. Imagine if Bill did that. I would die. Rhetorically speaking of course.

    BG:ahhhh...hahaha. It was interesting. 2am I had to take a shower but the pilot light to our water heater blew out again so I yelled at my brother to turn it back on since he stays up as late as I do but he wouldn't since he's an asss and uses his depression as an excuse to not do anything. So I had to sponge bathe myself with freezing water. I was motion sick all day so it didn't help that I had to bend my head over to wash my hair trying not to get my body wet, wanting to puke teh whole time. i didn't get done until around 3 am. Woke up 4 hours later and my hair was all gooey cuz I missed a splotch of conditioner to rinse out so it was waxy all day.

    1st hour I started to tear up cuz I miss my brother so much and he just deployed to Afghanistan 2 days ago. He's in Germany for the time being for 5 more days but I'm scared. But I asked him to send over some TH posters and German money if they let him ;) Then 2nd hour we had to start skinning our cats for anatomy and my partner and I got the preggers one that looks just like my cat lol. I got cat-goo on my clean shoes. But luckily after class I was by my locker and so was the sexy foreign exchange student, Luis, opening his locker right by mine and he was singing to himself with his angelic voice....

    8th hour I was suppose to leave at 1:00 to go get molested by my wacky women doctor. Handed my Spanish teacher the note to excuse me so I could just walk out of class when I had to. Then she paused and gave a funny look, looked at the clock, looked back at me and it was 1:45. The whole class started laughing. It was funny. I have such a good reputation in that class haha. So I get to the doctor and she had the sex talk with me 3 TIMES and I was like I KNOW abstinence is key and I kept saying I'm clean, politely, but she kept going on like I was some sex addict and how stupid high school relationships are, and I kept screaming in my head I KNOWWWWWW, that's why I don't date. She is so crazy, she makes animal noises and farts when she shows me how to stretch lol. Charasmatic I should say.

    Very eventful Monday! ;)

    How was yours?! :)

    Source(s): Edit: wow, how did I guess right on the hotties list! Go figure ha. Yeah, we skinned dead cats to prep for disection. Last year it was fetal pigs. The room smells like Miley Cyrus's voice. Like scheisse ;)
  • 1 decade ago

    That must suck so much for Bill, *gives Bill a hug* because with a twin you'd have that sibling rivalry and being told that you're a bigger loser than the guy the president called a jackass, a guy who beat his girlfriend, the asswipe who bullies kids who are famous and some guy I've never heard with you, while your twin is the 10th hottest guy... it can't be nice :(

    I'd love to hear... Screamin in German! OR Reden in English :)

    Why did you get suspended? And if I were you I'd be happy to avoid shots, I faked every illness I could think of to get out of shots last year. And I cried after :p

    My first day was Monday, but today school got canceled because of zu viel Schnee!

  • 1 decade ago

    wow..that's really REALLY lame. -_-' Why is he even a loser??!! Esp up against those other people!! That's not fair. I hate people like that..haha and I wonder if they know that they are twins.

    Q: Hmmmm...that's hard. I def would pick one of their old German songs though. Like from Schrei and such..I guess...hold on *runs and gets long list of every TH song* ooohhh this is hard haha..I think..Nach Dir Kommt Nichts (although I sort of think that would sound awkward in Eng and they would have to change it some..which wouldn't be so cool) Hilf Mir Fliegen (I think that would be WICKED in eng) orr...Jung und nicht mehr jugendfrei. (that would also be weird and they would prob have to change it a lot but I just wonder how it would sound. It was like, THE song that got me into their German lol. So it's kinda special to me. xD) I sort of understand why they didn't choose some of their German songs to change into eng..too much changing and it would prob lose meaning. (haa..this got long. lol sorry)

    BQ: it was actually pretty good. :D A lot better than I expected. It was weird cuz when I walked into the building I like, couldn't stop smiling. O.o which is weird cuz I hate school. I think i was just happy to be doing something rather than sitting at home doing nothing lol. But that feeling is dead. Today sucked and there was wayyyy too much hw. ;/

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    That sucks really bad that's so mean to call Bill a loser like that and Tommy should have been higher at least 4 =) like before, haha and Perez Hilton should have been number one lmfao that would have worked better, but the song I would like to hear in English that they did in German and never did would have to be, Thema Nr. 1

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  • 1 decade ago

    Those people are insane!!! Why is Bill a loser?

    I bet they don't even have reasons to call him a loser.

    That's good. Probably they liked the blonde dreadlocks

    better than the black cornrows but still think is hot :D

    A: Nacht Dir Kommt Nichts

    BA: Back to where?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    OMG hell must have froze over :( there is no way that bill kaulitz could have been voted loser of the you know who were the other people on the list?

    Q: attention, that day, screamin, and especially down on you

    BQ: pretty good but alittle slow

  • Was it joke-like or were they being mean?? lol thats weird one brother is a "loser" and the other is 10 on the hot list! =)

    Q: Down On You (I think) German would be awshum!!! *gets a crazy thought* Wouldn't it be cool if they started singing in Russian?!?!?!? That would be UBER cool!

    BQ: Yay! I still had today off! But, last night i had to spend the night at my OVER consertive christian grandparents, so Karma made us even =(

    How was yours?


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    How DID Bill beat Chris & Kanye?!

    What the heck did Bill do? i mean, Chris smacked Rihanna & Kanye interrupted Taylor!

    WTF?! D:

    Oooh; at least Tom got something good! :B

    Q; -i wanna hear That Day in German.. or Attention in German.

    BQ; - Eh. It was okay. :b There's a lot of depressing details i don't even feel like discussing./:


  • *Shock* Bills not a loser......who voted for that???!! i agree with Tom being on the top ten hottest and yea that's pretty good...i think he would've got higher though :)

    Q&A: i would want to hear in die nacht really badly and Attention too:)

    BQ: My first day back was ok.......when i first woke up this morning i was soo miserable and tired.......i need more days off :)

  • 1 decade ago

    :O woah. bill is voted #1 loser and tom is #10 hottest, yet they have the same face?? thats not right! i think bill should be on the hot list hahah. and how did tom get 6 down??? he should be higher than before!

    Q: reden, hilf mir fliegen, wir sterben niemals aus, wir schliessen uns ein, frei im freien fall, freunde bleiben, beichte

    BQ: it was okay, but waking up early was TERRIBLE! ughh. i miss break :(

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