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Does anyone know any good books for a teenager?

I don't mind reading adult books, but I don't want any sex scenes in it. Swearing is fine. I like to read YA books mostly because they don't have really elaborate scenes like that in them. I really would like to read about a story that's set in Victorian times, or Medieval times, or anything that's not 20th century. Maybe something like Memoirs of a Geisha. I've already read The Gemma Doyle Trilogy, and I've tried the Luxe series, but I didn't like it much. . Please help me! I haven't read a good book for months! Thank you to everyone who answers! =)



I've read most of the vampire books out there, by the way. Bluebloods, House of Night, Evernight series, Twilight (ew), L.J. Smith's Night World (didn't like it much), I've read the first few books in the Anita Blake series (since the other ones supposedly suck and are pretty plotless), Morganville Vampires, Vampire Academy, the vampire books by Amelia Atwater-rhodes, and I think that's it for vampire books.

I've also read Deadly Little Secret, and the Blue is for Nightmares series.

Sorry for the long list (and that's not even the half of it...) Since it'd take me too long to list all of the books I've read, that's some of it. Sorry, and thanks for the answers! =)

Update 2:

I've also read Trickster's Queen by Tamora Pierce, The Swan Kingdom by Zoe Marriot, East by Edith Pattou, Sunshine by Robin Mckinly (another vamp book), the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs, the first book in the Sabina Kane series by Jaye Wells, The Night Angel series by Brent Weeks, and The Pearl of the Soul of the World and Darkangel by Meridith Ann Pierce, and some other books. Sorry for the long, long list. (And that's not even all of it...) Sorry again, and thanks for the answers! =)

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    Ender's Game is a good one, and it's by Orson Scott Card.

    You might like Tamora Pierce's books; she has several series, the first of which was called The Lioness Quartet.

    The Swan Kingdom by Zoe Marriott is good, and so are both Graceling and Fire by Kristin Cashore. Try Chalice by Robin McKinley; I think it was one of her best books.

    Wildwood Dancing by Juliet Marillier.

    The Safe-Keeper's Secret by Sharon Shinn.

    The Unhandsome Prince by John Moore was funny, I really enjoyed it.

    Tooth and Claw by Jo Walton is one of my favorite books, and so are East by Edith Pattou and These is My Words by Nancy E. Turner.

    The Enchanted Forest Chronicles by Patricia C. Wrede are really easy to get into.

    I'd suggest The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory, but it does have some sex in it.

    Crown Duel by Sherwood Smith is fabulous.

    Try Daughter of Exile by Isabel Glass and Eva Moves the Furniture by Margot Livesy.

    Steal the Dragon by Patricia Briggs, and The Assassins of Tamurin by S.D. Tower are both very good books.

    The Briar King by Greg Keyes was interesting.

    I enjoyed Alphabet of Thorn by Patricia A. McKillip.

    Most of these books are fantasy, I hope that doesn't bother you, and I hope you find some good reading. It was a lot harder than I thought to find books with no sex!

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    "Women of the Silk" by Gail Tsukiyama (set in 1926 China) Beautiful prose!

    "The Teahouse Fire" by Ellis Avery (set mid 1800 Japan) author studied Japanese Teas 5 years, now teaches writing at Columbia

    "A Drowned Maiden's Hair, a Melodrama" by Laura Amy Schlitz (set beg of 1900) author is a professional story teller, a playwright, a costumer, an actress and librarian. Love it!

    "The Alienist" and "The Angel of Darkness" both by Caleb Carr (historical mystery thriller novels set in the early 1900) I think you'd be really happy with these as they were 6 month+ New York Times Best Sellers.

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    - Alex Rider series

    - Artemis Fowl series

    - Gregor the Overlanded series

    - Pendragon series

    - Harry Potter obviously

    - Leven Thumps

    - The Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica <- ILOVE THIS SERIES WITH A PASSION (:

    - Septimus Heap series

    - Charlie Bone series

    - the Cronuc Chronicles

    - Percy Jackson and the Olympians series

    - the 39 Clues series

    - The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel <333

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    Do you like vampires? Read Bluebloods. I forgot the author, but it's one of my favorite book series. I think there's currently four books out. It's about angels who had become vampires stuck on Earth because they sided with Lucifier. There's "good" and "bad" vampires (Bluebloods & Silverbloods). Silverbloods were Bluebloods who killed other Bluebloods to make them stronger. It takes place in modern day New York, but the vampires are reincarnated so they have flashbacks of the past.

    There's also the Inheritance series (Eragon) which kind of takes place in Medieval times, except it's fantasy lol. But, I would definitely recommend Bluebloods. (: I think you would enjoy that.

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    I don't read many medieval books, but recently I've read some books that seem good to me:

    - Deadly Little Secrets / Deadly little lies - Laurie Stolarz.

    -- About 16 year old Camelia, who gets stalked by someone, and gets creepy notes sent to her home. She think's it's the new student, Ben, who saved her life at the beginning of the book, and also has a bad reputation stating that he killed his girlfriend by pushing her off the cliff.

    - Lock and Key - Sarah Dessen

    -- About 17 year old Ruby, who gets sent to live with her sister, Cora, who she hasn't been in contact with for 10 years. The reason for her moving there was that their mother left to go to "Florida" with her boyfriend, leaving Ruby to live by herself.

    Good luck!

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    The Percy Jackson and the Olympian series

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    Ender's Game. don't know the author

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