i want to buy a streetmap of the whole of new york. Any suggestions ?

i want to buy a street map of which covers the whole of new york city ie including all five boroughs and ideally the newark area. Can you suggest a map book which does this. The only ones i have found so far are either not very detailed or only cover one of the boroughs . Im ideally looking for something i can buy of amazon website



Please note i am flying into newark international airport and staying in a hotel near that airport therefore i may need/want to go into newark although i am primarily visiting the new york city area .This is why id want a street map covering both

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    Have to agree with Native. When I read your question, Hagstrom came immediately to mind. You can buy it directly from Hagstrom or from Amazon. They have a 5 borough atlas (won't cover Newark, as that's 12 miles outside of city limits).


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    May I recommend purchasing a Hagstrom road map, which has a comprehensive guide to all the street in New York City. The link below official site of the Hagstrom Map Company and it show a varity of map for New York City ranging in price from $5 to $20.

    Good luck

    Native New Yorker

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