Wynonna Judd Fans opinions?

What is your favorite Wy album?

What are your top 5 Wy songs?

Do you like the idea of her & her mom reuniting again or do you think Wynonna does better alone?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Missy,I can't place the name of Wynonna's album but I use to have her cd with the songs,no one else on earth,she is his only need and I saw the light.I use to play this cd over and over again,I was in the process of moving in to the country and would play in the car.I'm going to have to try and locate it again,it's around here some where,just recently moved again and all of my cd's are packed away but now I'm going to go to youtube and listen to it again,thanks for reminding me of this cd.I use to listen to both her and her mom but I really liked it when Wynonna branched out on her own.Don't forget to watch Ghost Hunters tonight,I'm looking forward to Ghost Hunters International,they are suppose to try and make contact with Adolph Hitler,should be interesting! Tomb Raider.

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