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Who is rich and who is poor in America? Doctors,lawyers,business owners,senators are rich.Who else?

Are electrical, mechanical engineers rich? Are scientists rich? It hard to tell who is rich and who is not but we all know who is poor. The majority of all Americans are poor because they have to work for a wage, they don't own their own house so they have to rent one, the doctors bills/medical insurance is too expensive, house prices are too high to buy one, education for kids is too expensive. Even Americans with high salaries cannot afford what I have just mentioned. But, the majority of us work for low salaries.

Make health care, education for kids, houses affordable for the poorest American and there will be no poor in America. Everyone would be rich. It is not the fault of the poor that he/she is poor. Everyone is doing his/her job right. It is the fault of the system and the government. Right?


DOC, so you think that the free education for all kids, affordable/free healtrh care for everyone, free housing (not a 5 billion house, of course) for every family is not unattainable in the real world? Making everyone rich is not attainable I agree. But creating such a system where all people have the basics that I mentioned here is attainable and must be done!

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    Utopia is unattainable in the real world. There will always be those who have more than everyone else. My boss, who I have worked for for 19 years, is a multimillionaire. All his wealth is tied up in his business, that he built from the ground up, almost 30 years ago. His business provides jobs, incomes and benefits to 20 families. He has taken all the risk, if his business fails, he will be penniless, but all his employees can go find other jobs. His accumulated wealth allows his business to continue to grow, which pumps money into the economy, creates demand for goods and services, and helps other businesses prosper, so they can grow and provide jobs and incomes. This is how it works in the real world. It takes money to create jobs to stimulate the economy. Most rich people in this country have similar stories.

    Some few inherited their wealth, the rewards of their family's previous generations. They are lucky. Some have stolen their wealth, like Bernie Madoff, and deserve to be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Some are ethically challenged and manipulate the system, like many financiers on Wall Street, and speculators. They provide no services, goods, or jobs, and they "game" the system. These are the ones that were deemed "too big to fail" and were bailed out by the corrupt politicians, because of influence pedaled and favors bought. These are the people you need to revile, and not assume or lump together everyone that has been successful in life and accumulated some wealth.

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    You said "Make health care, education for kids, houses affordable for the poorest American and there will be no poor in America. Everyone would be rich."

    This is a proven fallacy. Education is free. Housing is almost free thanks to Section 8. Yet most people who are poor stay poor because they make no effort to be NOT poor.

    I come from a poor home. I chose not to remain that way. I now own my own business. Am I rich? Hardly. I'm squarely in the Middle Class area, because writers don't get that much. But I lifted myself out of my poor roots and made something of myself.

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    Yeah, why not just cut to the chase and take all the money....make a big pile and just divide it all up. EVERYONE IS A WINNER yeah!!!

    Why can't everyone win at football? Why can't everyone be a pro baseball player? Why can't everyone look like a body builder? Why can't everyone get a 1600 on their SAT's?

    Guess what? Life is hard and no different than those things I mentioned. There's a few winners and a whole lot of losers. The only reason you are in your situation is because of you. Go watch "The Pursuit of Happyness" with Wil Smith. It's about a real guy who lifted himself out of complete poverty to become a millionaire...all by himself.

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    It is incorrect to assume that every lawyer and business owner and doctor is rich. Because they aren't, not all of them at least. You ranting about your own financial situation isn't enough reason to make sweeping generalizations.

    Don't try and say you have a solution for the financial situation in America. If it were easy enough for you to figure it out, then the truly intelligent people in charge would have already implemented the plan.

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    There is a definite gap and the Republicans have a lot to do with it. The Republicans stand for big business and employees, in the eyes of big business, are viewed as an off the shelf dissposable item. The Democratic party is for everyone and is the strongest sponsor for improving the socio economic condition. They supported social security, the GI bill, war against poverty.....the list is endless. Unfortunately, the only good Republican in my view, was the first one, Abraham Lincoln who set the slaves free.

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    Public school is free unless you own a home and pay property taxes.

    I own a home and am certainly not "rich".

    Do you know the difference between "poor" and not having everything that you want?

    Poor is going to bed hungry or not having shoes.

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    Engineers tend to do well. Some will be rich. Same with other technology oriented professions. Most do well, some do reall well.

    Scientists can be pretty poor, depending on what specifically they do, despite that they may be very smart.

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    Bankers, architects, engineers, high level military, also people whohave inherited wealth. It is the fault of the system , because of capitalism resources and benefits are distributed unequaklly, and instead of having social welfare for all the government mostly assures welfare for the rich, and that must change.

  • Being bright helps, but there's no substitute for hard work to become rich. There will always be poor people in this country. Libs can't help poor people accumulate wealth so they're goal is to make rich people poor.

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    You're not "poor" because you "rent", education is free and most jobs have health care. If they don't...quit, and find one that does.

    I'd love to take you to the slums of Johannesburg so that you could see what "poor" really looks like.


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