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I want to know about different versions of the song "Wild Horses"?

O.K. there is of course the Rolling Stones and now I have heard one by the Sundays, are there others someone could tell me about?

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    It has been covered by The Flying Burrito Brothers, Garbage, The Sundays, The Cranberries, Elvis Costello, Neil Young, Old and in the Way, Leon Russell, Guns N' Roses, Johnny Goudie, Sarah McLachlan, Bush, Labelle, The Lovemongers with Chris Cornell, Robin Williamson, Jewel, Dave Matthews, Charlotte Martin, Chantal Kreviazuk, Alicia Keys ft. Adam Levine, Tre Lux, Iron & Wine, Stone Sour, Honeytribe, Sheryl Crow, Deacon Blue, Summerhill, Elisa, Melanie Safka, Kitty Hudson, John Barrowman and Susan Boyle. The Sundays' version was used in a long-running television advertisement for Budweiser beer in the early 1990s, featuring slow-motion footage of galloping Clydesdale horses. The version was also featured in the 1996 thriller Fear and a Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode, "The Prom", in the third season. In 2007, Carolina Crown Drum and Bugle Corps used the song for their field show, "Triple Crown."

    American singer Beth Hart and Danish singer Jesper Binzer recorded a cover version together. Richard Marx also recorded the song with Jessica Andrews singing background vocals for his 2008 album Sundown. It was also sung in the musical teen film, CAMP, with Daniel Letterle singing. The Rolling Stones' version was featured prominently in the film Adaptation. (2002). The end credits of the film Shine a Light feature an instrumental version of the song.

    On 8 April 2006, Chinese rock star Cui Jian sang this with Jagger when the Rolling Stones played a concert in Shanghai. Eva Avila of Canadian Idol sang this song for Rolling Stones night during the Top 9 show.

    Also Plan B

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    I love this version by Old & In the Way:


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  • NoMoreHeadTrip has a really good answer but I can add one more to that list:

    Rickie Lee Jones (of "Chuck E.'s in Love" fame) has also covered the tune.

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    I saw this lady perform it on TV a few weeks ago.


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    nice version.

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    Gram Parsons (and FBB) were actually the first to release the song.


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