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How to be clever and smart?

I'd like to be both smart and clever. What things I have to do to change myself into a clever and smart individual?

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    That's kind of a tricky one to answer and decribe.

    It's usually not self taught, you normally learn it from someone else from seeing, hearing and experiencing it first hand, haha.

    Being clever in my opinion can simply be a sarcastic/smarta$$ remark yet being polite. lol. Or simply just having really intellectual conversations. Being on top of the ball game so to speak.

    And being smart, well that can be in many different ranges. Depends what you want to be smart with. Basic knowledge, common sense, books, people, whichever. The more you know and understand, the more "smart" you become.

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    read a lot of intelligent literature and intelligent non-fiction as well.

    Listen to some good self-learning CDs or MP3s.

    Watch really smart people on tv.

    Avoid dulling your mind with pop culture, rap music, and other garbage.

    Try to build a large vocabulary and don't use slang or vulgar language. Also, you don't want to be pompous or put on airs either. But avoid pop culture at all costs, and avoid the people who love pop culture. Avoid rap music, oprah winfrey, crass talk shows, almost all modern movies, ghetto culture, and other vile crap.

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    Maybe he approach intelligent within the methods of the sector my little bro is like that however I say it the wrong way round he is an overly very intelligent child however no longer too intelligent within the methods of lifestyles and i am from england

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