My washing machine has broken down, ceased working, turns no more...?

It is a Bosch Logixx 8 front loading machine. There is rapid beating and the error code F18 signals indication of what my be wrong.

The house is under renovation, I cannot find the manual. Does anyone know what F18 erro code means, and why my machine is no longer operating.

Thankyou so much for your assistance in this urgent and pressing{once clothes are washed}matter

There are online web help sites but they all demand money{bills to pay and all that, who can blame them} and I am slightly broke.

Are there any online free advisors for Bosch washing machine faults and repairs...?

Thankyou so much..


JoelKaltz - Thankyou so much. Its a new machine and I did know it was due for a periodical filter clean, but had left it too late. Two screws, three nails and some silver and copper coins were recovered and thrown out.

Thank God for appliance repair masters.

Happy and Prosperous Year...

Machine is functioning perfectly.

God Bless You and Happy New Year.

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    F18 = Not draining, drain pump blocked or broken.

    The most common cause is gunk blocking the drain path. Most front-loaders have a screw-on cap somewhere that you can remove to clear the drain. It's on the bottom-right corner of the Logixx 8 behind a flap. The slight burning smell is normal and is not a problem.

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