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    Christmas is the biggest festival in the western

    world, which people all over the Christian countries celebrate. It is

    on the 25th day of each December. Christians consider it as the

    birthday of Jesus Christ. But now many customs and habits are beyond

    religious meaning, The Christmas season begins five or six weeks before

    the exact holiday. There is always a shopping boom during this period.

    So it's really a happy season for shop owners.

    Christmas Day

    Christmas Day falls on the twenty-fifth of December. It is a very

    happy day for many boys and girls . Before the term ends in some

    schools , the children act a nativity or “birth” play, showing how

    Jesus was born in a stable. On

    the twenty-fourth of December, all children are very excited. Usually

    they are sent to bed early so that their parents can get the presents

    ready. The younger children think that Father Christmas will come down

    the chimney or fireplace , so they hang up a sock for him to put

    presents in. The greedy ones even hang up a pillow-case or a sack to

    try to get more presents. Later that night, Father or Mother will put

    presents in the sock, and leave others at the side of the bed.


    Christmas morning, the children wake up very early. Some even turn on

    the light at two o'clock, and most of them are awake by six o'clock

    although it is not light in England for another hour or two at this

    time of the year.Children look for their presents , and the young ones

    play while the dinner is prepared. At about one o'clock in the

    afternoon, the Christmas dinner is brought in . The turkey or chicken

    is quickly eaten . Children search in their Christmas pudding for new

    coins which are hidden in it . The rest of the day is full of games and

    eating until the happiest of all Christmas hollidays comes to an end.

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    Christmas is a joyous festival. It is celebrated all around the world, in most countries. People decorate Christmas trees at home, as well as sending Christmas cards and gifts to families and friends. It is a festival of love and happiness.

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    Christmas (con't)

    Sending Christmas cards to families and friends is another custom of this festival. Nowadays, as the internet has become popular, more people are changing to sending electronic cards instead. Sending cards at Christmas is a way to keep in touch with families and friends.

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